5 Steps to Kick-Start your Career in Digital Marketing!

Looking to start a career in digital marketing? In this blog we share our expert insights to help you discover what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Digital marketing is one of the most exciting, fast-moving, and challenging industries you can work in. We promise you, it’s an exceptional career choice.

The digital space is expanding at a rapid speed, with new technologies and updates released daily that change the way we operate. Be prepared for an overload of information all about algorithms, AdWords and absolutely everything SEO. It’s a competitive industry, but here are some simple steps that will get your foot in the door. (We are recruiting, so make sure to check our digital marketing careers page before leaving.)

Eagerness to learn!

The digital marketing industry is evolving every day, so it’s easy for recruiters to separate the ones that are passionate, from the ones who simply “need a job!” The industry requires a strong desire to learn and adapt. Without those attributes, you will never be taken seriously. This is a career for those who have a strong interest in the future of online marketing. Don’t have a drive for digital? Then, we suggest you consider an alternative to avoid disappointment when you struggle to find a career in digital marketing that suits you.

Read SEO blogs

How do you stand out from the crowd? Be prepared to answer questions about digital marketing. Basically, know your stuff. The world of SEO is full of differing opinions. You may even disagree with your interviewer. And, you know what? That’s okay. Stand your ground and present all information based on facts. We can confirm this will position you above other candidates with knowledge and an understanding for the industry.

Take a look at Moz, Search Engine Land and Social Media Examiner for some great advice and, of course, follow our blog.


Surround yourself with people more talented than yourself. Honestly, this does work. The people you meet will be your ongoing support when you run into problems, as well as a great way to open doors to new opportunities.

Connect on LinkedIn with Managing Directors and others who hold a position of authority within a company. Attend networking events and conferences in your area to develop relationships with other digital marketers to enhance your knowledge with workshops and presentations.

Learn the lingo

There’s an endless list of acronyms you will need to master as a marketer. What is the difference between CPC and CTR? Can you identify evergreen content? Why is everyone talking about pandas and penguins? If that’s gone over your head, then don’t stress. You won’t be expected to know everything about SEO (however, you should probably know what SEO stands for.)

The ability to talk with confidence about digital marketing and understand what elements of the industry will impact you directly is dependent on your understanding of industry jargon. Read our comprehensive SEO glossary for the most common terms. 

Show some skill

Digital marketing can be perceived as quite a quirky career choice, with an element of creative content. While that may be true, there is also a technical element, which is an important skill to master if you want to progress in the industry. You won’t be expected to build a website from scratch, but you may be communicating with a team of designers who are tasked with developing a website that delivers an exceptional conversion rate.

A basic knowledge of HMTL, coding and analytics will stand you in good stead. Finally, don’t forget to show some skill. Do you have qualifications in digital marketing? Worked in the industry before on work experience, or in a previous post? Great news, you’re one step ahead. If not, then consider what transferable skills you can bring to the business. SEO is a diverse industry with experts in all areas of marketing, from content, graphic design, team management and website development.

If you are at the start of your journey to a career in digital marketing, then don’t forget to visit our work experience page for more exciting opportunities, or if you want to contact us directly, you get reach us on 01226 720 755.