5 Quick Wins to Boost Your Twitter Profile

Struggling for ideas on what to tweet? Want to boost your engagement and reach? We have 5 ways you can improve and add more variety to your twitter feed.

  • Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter polls are a great way to gain instant insights into the views of your Twitter community but also are an easy way to increase engagement. Consider your poll question carefully to attract the interest of relevant followers and make sure you add a relevant hashtag such as #twitterpoll for better reach. Pinning the tweet to your profile further increases visibility and reach.

  • Live-stream with Periscope

Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming video app and therefore enables audiences to watch events in real time and after the stream has ended. Videos have much more engagement than any other content and are rapidly growing in popularity, with even news sources citing live videos when covering major events. If your business is attending or hosting an event, live stream it via Periscope. Creating and promoting a hashtag in advance of your live streamed event will help both reach and engagement.

  • Use Trending Hashtags

Keep up to date with trending stories or hashtags and get involved. Create tweets based around trending hashtags and stories in the hope of gaining visibility from users searching that trend. However, make sure the tweets are relevant and relate to your business.

  • Include Links to Content

Placing a link to your website, company news or to your other social profiles in tweets is an invaluable way of gaining website traffic. Tweets with links perform significantly better and gain higher numbers of retweets than normal tweets and also encourage readers to find out more about your business.

  • Tag Influencers in Tweets

Content doesn’t spread automatically and often needs to be seen and shared by the right people. Consider tagging people or other brands that are mentioned in your content or are relevant. The idea is that these influencers will then retweet, mention or quote tweet, increasing reach.