5 New Ways to Grab Your Site Visitors’ Attention

Is your site dull and run-of-the-mill? Does it look like every other business website out there? If it does, chances are you are not reaching your market or grabbing your visitors’ attention. If you aren’t able to do this, your market won’t be able to respond to your calls to action and your business will suffer.

Consider using one or more of these techniques to help you get your market’s attention.

Pop Ups

Pop ups can be very useful or very annoying. Using them carefully and sparingly can help you get your audience’s attention. Use them when you have a special promotion or only for first-time visitors. Pop ups can help you build your email list or even sell a product. For example, if you are promoting your new software package you could use a pop up, that includes a link to purchase the software, for a short period of time.

If your website always uses pop ups, you risk losing traffic and returning visitors. You also risk having a high bounce rate when people see your pop up and then leave your site. Another thing to consider is that if you use pop ups constantly, your visitors may begin to tune them out, which defeats the purpose of using them.

Moving Elements

Classy moving elements, like a live Twitter feed or an image gallery that features your latest blog posts can help draw your visitors’ attention to something specific. Make sure you do this in a subtle way and that the movement doesn’t attract so much attention that it distracts your visitors to the point that they don’t follow through on your calls to action.

VisitLondon.com uses a slide show with big pictures to capture visitors’ attention. Image source.

Contrasting Buttons

Buttons are popular website elements, but if you don’t use them correctly you could be missing out on some big benefits. Try using large buttons that use contrasting colors so they stand out from the rest of your website. For example, if your site has a blue background, use red buttons. You can also use a different font, shadows and other visual elements to make your buttons stand out.

Evernote uses contrasting images and a contrasting button to draw attention to features and encourage visitors to download the product. Image source.

Clear Navigation

The navigation system you use can help you capture your visitors’ attention. When it is clear and stands out, people who come to your site will explore your site. Many businesses use navigation systems that direct their various markets to the appropriate pages. A very common example is websites that have a button or navigation option for “Current Customers” and one for “New Customers.”

Vodafone’s website includes a navigation bar that divides its markets into those looking for personal service and those looking for business service. Image source.

Make sure your navigation is easy to find and understand. Put it in a prominent place, use readable fonts and use contrast to make it stand out.

Easy Opt In Options

If you have an email opt-in form on your website, make it stand out by using contrasting colors and design elements. Encourage people to fill out the form by offering a good deal or other benefit that grabs your visitors’ attention. You can get your market’s attention by offering excellent benefits to opting in to email newsletters or blog updates.

By using design elements and smart marketing strategies, you can get the attention of your site visitors, who will be much more likely to respond to your calls to action if they know what your message is.