5 Must-Follow Rules for Press Releases

Press releases are often used for public relations, online branding, content marketing and search engine optimisation. They have become more than a tool for reaching journalists and have so much to offer your online marketing plan.

But, to get the benefits you’re looking for, there are five press release rules you must follow. These rules will ensure your releases are high quality and will be effective at helping you reach your goals.

Have a News Angle

While press releases are used for all kinds of online marketing strategies, their origins are in the news industry and you still need to include a news angle. Press releases are designed to announce business news, share a story, gain publicity and launch products. They are meant to provide fresh information and a new angle.

This is simple to do if your topic is something newsworthy. However, you can also make old information new by informing people about updates or taking a new angle on something.

Write for People First, then Optimise

Even if you are using press releases primarily for SEO purposes, they should still be written for people first. Search engines favour content that is high quality and that provides real value, so strive to do this first, then add keywords and links to optimise the release for search engines. Avoid things like keyword stuffing, over linking and spammy elements that will compromise the quality of a press release.

Strategically write the Headline

The headline is the thing people will see first and can make or break your release. Your headline needs to be strategically written to appeal to your target audience. It should promise value, get straight to the point and make people want to click on your content and share it. Use keywords where appropriate to benefit your search rankings.

Use Images and Multimedia Components

Make your press release more visually appealing by including captivating images and multimedia components. The pictures you use should be professional and align with your brand but should also complement the press release and help you get attention. You can make your press releases more interactive and appealing by including charts, graphs, videos and other elements that people can engage with.

Include Contact Information

Finally, you should always include some form of contact information on your press release so that journalists, bloggers and members of your market can reach you. Traditionally, press releases include a contact person’s name and phone number, but depending on how you publish your release, you may want to use an email address, website, blog URL or contact form instead.

Remember to strategically refer people to a destination that will help you achieve your goals. For example, link to a sales page, event registration form or location directory to help people respond to your calls to action.

Press releases can be a valuable part of your online marketing plans. Whether you use them for public relations, brand awareness, content marketing or SEO, these rules can help you enrich your press releases so they will be more effective.