5 Minutes to a better Twitter Page

Is your Twitter page set up to be the most beneficial to your business? Twitter is a great social media tool that can help you connect with your target market and stay up to date on industry, community and national news. But, just using Twitter isn’t enough. To take full advantage of the site, your page and biography need to be strategically set up.

In just a few minutes you can make some simple changes to your Twitter page that will help you brand your page and take full advantage of the social network’s features.

Profile Picture

Whether you realize it or not, your profile picture is an important part of your Twitter account. When people are scrolling through their Twitter feed, the only thing they see, besides your tweet, is your profile picture. Therefore, your picture needs to be recognizable, clear and memorable.

Some businesses use a logo for their picture. While this can work for your brand, some experts believe that a face resonates with social media users better. When you use a picture of a person, your account will become more personable, which will attract users, and less businesslike, which can deter users. Some businesses, like Mashable, use a business account as well as employee accounts to promote their brand. If you want your employees to be brand ambassadors, this strategy may work for you.

Pete Cashmore, Mashable’s founder and CEO has a personal Twitter account. Image source.


Mashable’s business account. Image source.


Biography and Links

When people want to know more about your Twitter account and your business they will look at your Twitter bio. Your bio should clearly state what your business does, include a link to your website and if you have a local business, your location. Bios can be catchy and fun or more professional. The tone you use will depend on your brand and industry.

The link to your website could be the actual URL, as a link, or it could be a shortened URL. There are benefits to doing both. The actual URL can help you brand your account and may be deemed more trustworthy by your followers. On the other hand, if you use a service like Bitly to shorten your link, you can easily see how many clicks it gets, giving you an idea of how influential your bio and Twitter account are. Remember that you can also add clickable handles to your bio, so you can easily connect your account with others.


Twitter allows you to choose a template background or upload your own. To add more branding to your site, create your own background that uses your brand’s colors, a logo and images that speak to your audience. A custom background serves two purposes. First, it gives you the chance to fully brand your Twitter page. Second, it makes it very clear that the page belongs to your business. If a Twitter user stumbles across your page, he or she will quickly associate it with your business.

Netflix does an excellent job of using its page’s background for branding and even promotion. Image source.

A good business Twitter account is fully branded and clearly communicates to users what the business does. In a matter of minutes, you can update your Twitter account’s profile picture, biography, website links and background to enhance your Twitter page and benefit your social media marketing strategies.