5 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest is a fast-growing and popular network. People use the site to save and organise images, articles and websites. Businesses are using Pinterest more and more to promote products, create an online brand and increase traffic. That’s right, you can use Pinterest to drive more visitors to your website or blog.

They key to generating traffic through Pinterest is to build your profile and then use the site creatively. Here are a few ideas you can use to turn your Pinterest account into a traffic-driving tool.

Use Pins as Teasers to Draw People In

Think of Pinterest as a place where you can tease your content and show off what you have to offer. Write pin descriptions that tell your audience what kind of content they can find on your site. Also remember that as you work to get traffic through Pinterest, the first impression people will have of your site and business is an image. So use captivating and interesting pictures to make a good first impression.

Add Words to Your Images

Images become much more powerful and eye catching when they are combined with words. Use photo editing software to add calls to action and strong descriptions on top of your images. This will make your pins stand out and will also give users a reason to click on your pin and then visit your website.

Combine this strategy with using pins as teasers by writing text that promises benefits. For example, a picture of a camera could include the text “10 Ways to Take Better Pictures.” This makes it clear to users that the content attached to the pin is much more than a picture of a camera, and encourages them to click through to your site.

Write Smart Descriptions and Use Hashtags

Make your content findable by writing smart descriptions that include keywords and hashtags. Think like your market and try to use terms they would be likely to type into the search box. This strategy will help you target the people who use Pinterest to look for information, ideas, tips and images.

Include a URL in Pin Descriptions

Did you know you can include a link in your pin description? Your pins automatically link to your website, but users will need to click on your pin in their feed, and then click it again when it is enlarged to get to your site. You can make it easier for people to visit your site by including a link they can click on directly from their feed. If you use your homepage URL, this strategy can also help with your branding efforts.

Post Interesting and Creative Images

Pinterest is extremely visual, and if you want to get your market’s attention, you need to post interesting and creative images. These kinds of images will help you stand out from the crowd and get more traffic to your site. People will be more interested in your content if the pictures that you pin are professional and interesting.

Leverage your Pinterest account and get more out of your pins by using these five tips to drive more traffic to your website.