5 Creative Ways to Generate More Site Traffic

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

There are literally dozens of ways to drive traffic to your website. If your business currently uses a search engine optimisation campaign, you are probably consonantly trying new tactics to see what will influence your traffic report numbers.

There are also tactics outside of the realm of SEO that can help you drive traffic. Creative strategies and campaigns not only increase your site’s traffic, but can also help you build your brand and send marketing messages to your potential customers.

Offer Free Resources

People love free resources. You can drive traffic to your site by offering things like downloads, informational articles, lists, or any other freebie that would appeal to your market. Keep in mind that to continue to benefit from this tactic, you may need to update your free offer every so often.

Hold a Contest

Holding a contest may seem like an over-used option, but it’s one that works. The trick to using this strategy to build traffic is to make sure visiting your site is necessary for participation. For example, maybe the entry form is on your website or maybe people need to visit your site to vote on a winner. You can use contests creatively to get the word out about your business and drive more traffic and new visitors to your site.

Host an Expert

Hosting an expert on your website through a podcast, interview, guest blog post or panel discussion is a great way to bring traffic to your site. Not only will you be adding a new voice to your blog, but you’ll also be tapping into a whole new audience. If someone is interviewed for your site, chances are that he will promote the post to his own readers, encouraging them to visit your site.

Join Communities

Joining communities is another way to market your website to a new audience. Things like forums and blogs are great places to join conversations and leave a link back to your website. When you do this, make sure the comment you leave is relevant to the conversation and the link you leave provides some value. For example, you may want to link back to one of your own blog posts or a specific page on your site, rather than the home page.

Guest blogging can also help you attract new readers and get more traffic. Look for guest posting opportunities on blogs that people in your target market frequently visit, so the traffic you gain will be more valuable.

Create a Community

Consider building your own community on your website to attract returning readers and new visitors. You could create your own forum or simply focus on creating better and more engaging blog posts. Creating a space where people can talk about the industry and converse with others can help you get more traffic. People will want to join the community and regular readers will visit your site often and tell their friends about the community.

Creatively increasing traffic to your website can help you build your audience, reach your target market and stand out from the crowd. People are often overwhelmed by the amount of content available online, so using creative strategies can be a refreshing way to grab your market’s attention.