5 Calls to Action You Can Adopt for Your Business

Image courtesy of sixninepixels/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Every business with a marketing plan has calls to action. These are the phrases you use throughout your marketing materials to encourage your market to do something, whether that is buy your product or come to your next event. Of course, each business will have its own, unique calls to action depending on what it does, who its market is and what it is trying to accomplish. But, there are some common calls to action you can adopt for your business by tweaking them a little to make them unique to your business so they will resonate with your market.

Buy Now to Save

The most common call to action is “buy our product.” But, you can make that call more interesting and more effective by tailoring it to your market. You could offer a discount, a free offer with a purchase or even offer a new product to a select group of customers before opening it up to the public. The idea is to use a call to action that encourages people to make a purchase by making them feel special or like they have found an opportunity they don’t want to miss.

Sign up for Regular Updates

Are you actively building your email list? You should be. An email list can help you keep in touch with potential customers, reconnect with past customers and boost your sales. Email marketing gives you a direct link to your market, so it’s important that your have a big list with email addresses from people who are interested in your business. You can build your list by offering blog post updates, special deals, free offers and other perks when people submit their email address.

Find us on Social Media

Social media marketing is another great way to connect with your audience. But, for this channel to be effective, you need to have a substantial amount of followers on your social media accounts. To do this, use calls to action that make it easy for people to follow you on social media. For example, add prominent links to your accounts on your website and on your blog posts and invite your email subscribes to also follow you on social media.

Call us for a Quote

If you have a sales team, keep it busy by asking your site visitors and those you market to to call your business for more information or a quote. Sometimes it’s easier to make a sale when you are talking to someone than it is when he is simply reading your blog. Draw potential customers in by asking them to contact your business.

Tell Your Friends About Us

Word of mouth can help you build your business in ways other marketing tactics can’t. Invite your customers and readers to refer their friends to you. A great way to encourage this is to offer an incentive like a discount or a free offer for people who refer new customers to you.

Calls to action are a vital part of all digital marketing tactics. In order to increase your sales and accomplish your goals, you need calls to action that are unique to your business and market. Start by adapting some of these calls for your business.