5 Call to Action Hotspots on your Website

You know you need to include a call to action on your website, but where do you use them?

Where you put your calls to action can be just as important as the calls to action you use. When you have the right location and context, your calls to action can become more powerful and more effectively persuade your visitors.

Homepage, Above the Fold

Including a general call to action that asks people to interact with your business or buy your products or services on your homepage is important. This is often the first thing people see, so it should include information about how your solution will make their lives better.

Make sure your call to action here is above the fold, or is near the top of the page where people don’t have to scroll down to see it.

Navigation Bar

Does your navigation bar include some kind of call to action? It should! This is where our eyes naturally go to see what our options are and to start exploring a site, so it’s the ideal place to ask visitors to do something.

Try a call to action like “browse our products,” “subscribe to our blog” or “contact us” in the navigation bar, where it’s natural and logical.

Product Pages

Of course, your product pages are a natural place to ask people to buy something and definitely a call to action hotspot. This call to action can be bold and straightforward, or it can be more subtle and laced with product features and benefits.

Consider adding a call to action on your main product page as well as on individual product pages, where people can add items to their online shopping cart or call your business to place an order.

Email Subscription Form

Your email subscription form, whether it’s on your homepage or another page, should also include a call to action. Simply adding a form to a sidebar isn’t enough. You need to ask people to subscribe to get benefits right in their inbox. Try giving details about the kinds of perks, like discounts, breaking news, and event invitations, people can expect if they subscribe.

This is a call to action hotspot that may also require some visual elements to draw attention to it. Subscription forms can easily blend in and be ignored, so use contrasting colours, large buttons, images and even things like arrows or videos to draw attention to them.

Blog Posts

While it may not be necessary to include calls to action in all of your blog posts, some of them are hotspots that are ideal for asking readers to take action. Blog posts that announce the launch of a new product, promote an upcoming event or highlight one of your products or services are natural places to use calls to action.

Be sure to add links to your posts to make it easy for people to respond to your calls to action and find the information they need to follow through.

Taking advantage of these hotspots, or ideal locations for calls to action, will make your site a more effective marketing tool and help you generate engagement and meet sales, traffic and subscription goals.