4 Ways to make Content Curation Work

You already know content curation, or the process of collecting related content from other sources and presenting it to your market, can save you time and help you do something new. It allows you to share others’ opinions and provide helpful resources to your market.

But, do you have an effective strategy for making content curation work for you? Simply sharing content from others is a good start, but there are ways you can get more out of content curation. Here are some simple ways to use this approach to benefit your online marketing and branding.

Become an Industry Expert

As you put together curated collections, you can become a go-to resource people rely on for accurate, helpful information. When you provide resources that are loaded with good information and that are grouped together in helpful ways, people will see you as an industry expert. Building this kind of reputation will help you solidify your online brand and raise awareness, benefitting your entire business.

Benefit from Link Building and Sharing

When you curate content, don’t forget to get in touch with the original creator. Of course, it’s always good to ask for permission to use content, but reaching out to others can also help you build valuable relationships.

The sources you include in your curated content strategy will likely want to link to your collection and help you share it, since they are able to promote themselves in the process.

Make Yourself Stand out with your own Opinion

A common way of curating content is to compile a blog post or white paper that analyses what others are saying about a topic and then framing it with your own opinion or point of view. Doing this can help you tell your market why you are different and make you stand out online and as a leader in your industry.

Be careful not to paint others in a negative light, which can damage your own reputation. Instead, respectfully share others’ content and opinions and then share how you are different.

Add Value to your Social Media and Email Marketing

When you only share your own content through social media and email marketing, your accounts can begin to feel overly self promotional and even spammy. Adding some variety by sharing content from others will add interest to your accounts and help you make social media and email marketing more valuable.

These channels will become more effective as your followers view them as valuable and helpful. More people will tune in to your social media accounts and subscribe to your emails, since they know they can rely on you for your own and curated content that provides real value.

These are just a few ways you can use content curation to magnify your marketing efforts. Content curation will help you position yourself as an industry expert, attract a larger audience, build a relationship with your market and reach your marketing and business goals.