4 Ways to get More out of your Press Releases

Many businesses use press releases as part of their search engine optimisation and online marketing plans, but not every business is getting the most out of this tactic. Press releases can help you build links, get earned media attention, create a social media buzz and own your story, all of which can help you build your brand. As you publish press releases, use these four tips to get even more out of them.

Publish them on your own Website

Don’t stop after you publish your press release on an online press release platform or distribution site; post it to your own website too. Your press releases should include your official statement on something important, announcements your markets need to know and your marketing messages. These are all things that should be posted to your website.

When you add links to the release on your site and drive traffic to it, your press release will do even more for your marketing and branding efforts.

Promote them through Social Media

Whether you use a press release distribution service or publish it on your own website, you should share links to your press release through social media. This will help you get your story out there and direct people to where they can explore your business and find out more about what you do.

Keep in mind that not all press releases will be of interest to each of your social media networks. For example, leadership changes may be of interest to shareholders and other industry leaders and could be shared through LinkedIn. Press releases about new products or new store locations might be of interest to your Facebook audience.

Carefully and Strategically Pitch your Story

When you post your press release to distribution sites it is possible that news outlets and industry bloggers may find it and report on your story, publishing links to your press release or website. Of course, this is a positive step, but you can do more to get earned coverage and links.

Send your press release to reporters and bloggers who cover things in your industry or topics related to your press release. Work to build relationships as you do this, using social media and direct email messages, so that pitching future stories and getting coverage later will be easier.

Send them to your Email Subscribers

If the news in your press release is relevant to your email subscribers, send it to them. This will help you keep in touch with subscribers, provide valuable information and show your subscribers that you want to keep them informed and up to date.

Be sure to include links in your email that direct people to your website, blog and social media accounts so that readers can go somewhere for more information or to interact with your business.

Press releases have become a great multi-purpose tool businesses can use for online branding, digital marketing, public relations, social media marketing and even content marketing. Instead of simply publishing your press releases to distribution sites and forgetting about them, use these extra tips to make sure you are using them to their fullest potential.