4 Tips to Make your Content Stand out in the Crowd

Online marketing is one of the biggest platforms of marketing in the world right now. Therefore, the competition between different marketers is intense. One of the greatest struggles content marketers face is creating engaging content to allow them to stand out from the rest and make strong connections with their audiences. Marketers have acknowledged that this is imperative and it has been recorded that more than 70% of marketers have made it top priority this year to address this.

The only way to stand out in the crowd is by producing better, more engaging content to attract the attention of your audience and maintain this attention.

Keep reading to find out how you can transform your content into amazing content that your audience won’t be able to get enough of!

The Opening:

The introduction to your content is one of the most significant features. It is the first thing your audience will read and it will be the make or break of whether they carry on reading. The introduction needs to be compelling and captivating to hook your audience when they first read it. It needs to be an enthralling introduction that isn’t too long but provides an insightful tease about what is to come.

The main way to appeal to people is through emotions, therefore, it would be useful to make an emotional impact on your audience within the first few sentences. If you know your audience and you know what they want, you can use the introduction to create a sense of empathy.

Visual engagement:

Visual effect is crucial to grab the attention of your audience. Although words are very effective, it is imagery that makes people notice. A huge block of text is not visually attractive, but, add an image in there and it will stand out to more people.

Imagery is important for a variety of reasons. They break up the content to make skimming much easier, which allows people to understand to basics of your content without reading every single word. They also create a more immersive experience which allows the reader to remember your content. It is rare that people will remember a block of text, but imagery allows things to stand out which makes it more memorable.

It has been recorded that adding relevant images increases people’s willingness and interest to read by as much as 80%.

The Headline:

Headlines need to be precise and straight to the point. They need to be impactful and capture the attention of your audience to generate interest to allow them to either click on the headline or carry on reading. It is useful to keep a headline short. Your audience want to know what the article is about in a quick glance. Additionally, your headline must be relevant to your content. Do not use a clickbait title, this will generate distrust and your audience may become reluctant to read your content in the future if they think that it is not going to be about what you say it is.

The most interesting, valuable content may be ignored if you don’t have an exciting title that engages and connects with your audience.

Your contents voice:

To make a connection with your audience and allow a relationship to build, you have to create a voice for you content. It is less engaging if your content reads like a textbook, your content needs a personality.

If you’re promoting your own brand, it is useful to write it in your own voice so your audience recognise you and recognise your style. You need to acknowledge whether you want a fun, light-hearted voice, or, a more serious, structed voice.

Once you have established a voice, it is crucial that you write with a consistent voice. This will allow you to make stronger connections with your audience and develop a relationship.