4 Tips for Making your Content Marketing more Memorable

Brainstorming ideas, creating content, publishing to the right channels and making sure your market sees your content is the general path most businesses take when they use content marketing. This process is completely necessary, but there’s one more step you might be missing: making your content marketing memorable.

When your market remembers your content, or at the very least remembers your messages and brand, your content marketing will become so much more effective. You will see better brand awareness and gain an audience that responds to your calls to action, helping you reach your goals.

Making your content marketing campaign more memorable takes some planning and organisation, but here are four ways you can get started.

Decide on a Big Idea and Keep Going Back to It

In the world of advertising, the big idea is one overriding concept that is used throughout an advertising campaign. You can use this approach in content marketing by adopting a theme, or single message, that can be used across all of your content.

For example, a health care company may have an overriding theme of achieving wellness and a fulfilling lifestyle. That idea can be infused into blog posts, articles, reports, videos, social media content and other types of content to create a cohesive content marketing plan.

When you keep going back to your big idea, your content will start to be recognisable to your market and instead of asking people to remember dozens of ideas and messages, you are working to build awareness about a single idea relating to your brand.

Make your Content Relatable, Emotional or Inspiring

The most memorable content sticks with us because it moves us. We can relate to it and it triggers emotions or inspires us to think or behave differently. When you use this idea in your content marketing plan, each piece will become more effective and your entire campaign will be more memorable.

You can only do this successfully after you get to know your market. Do research about the market you are targeting to find out everything from basic demographic information to what motivates them, what their needs are and what they want from a business like yours.

Do Something Different to Stand Out

When you break through the noise on the Internet and social media, you will become more memorable to your market. Do something different by using a bold message, publishing a different type of content, doing something unexpected or offering some value that your competitors can’t provide.

You will need to use this tip strategically to make sure you not only stand out, but capture and maintain attention. Do something no one else has done before or something so awe inspiring people can’t help but pay attention and remember what you say.

Keep a Good Track Record of Providing Value

But, it’s not enough to just create a few pieces of valuable, memorable content. To really take your content marketing to the next level you need to consistently stand out by providing helpful content that your market responds to.

This takes dedication to your strategy, but it also takes careful observation and recording. Track your efforts and measure results to see how well your content resonates with your market and helps you achieve your goals so you can continue to create content that brings success.

When your market relies on you for content that is valuable, you will build a captivated audience that remembers what you say and responds to your calls to action.

Creating a memorable content marketing campaign will help you build your online brand, communicate with your market and reach all kinds of marketing goals, and these four tips can help you do it.