4 Things to try When you aren’t Getting any Social Media Engagement

If your social media pages are a little quiet lately, you could be missing out on the marketing value engaged followers can bring. It’s normal to have social media activity ups and downs, but if you find you are stuck in a rut and it seems that your followers aren’t interested in your account any more, it’s time to take action.

Before you try any of these tips, take a look at the history of your account’s activity. Make note of the kind of content you are sharing, how many followers you have and whether that is increasing or decreasing, and any other relevant things like holidays or marketing campaigns you are running.

This kind of background information will help you decide what steps you should take to reignite your accounts and see more activity.

Share New Content Topics or Types

If people aren’t commenting on or sharing your content, they may not be interested in it. Try posting things on new topics that are timely and relevant to get your audience’s attention. Keep in mind that while the topics you usually post about may be relevant, people could just need a change of pace.

Posting new topics and types of content, like using videos in place of long articles, can also help you stand out and get attention again, which will help you increase engagement.

Change your Posting Style

Breathe new life into your accounts by changing your style. There are two simple ways to do this. First, try a new tone. If you are normally very formal, try some more casual posts and see if the way your market interacts with you changes.

Second, try posting at different times of the day. There is a lot of research out there that tries to identify the best times to post to different social media sites. But, when all is said and done, the ideal timing will be different for every business. Experiment by posting at different times of the day to see when your followers are more likely to pay attention.

Get Involved with others on Social Media

Reach out and interact with your followers and other organisations to make your online presence known. This could mean simple shoutouts to happy customers or it could mean getting involved in social media groups or even partnering with another business in ways that benefit both parties.

Social media is a tool for two-way conversations, so using it this way will help you boost engagement. As people see you are friendly online and are monitoring your accounts, they will be more likely to reach out to you.

Offer a new Incentive

Sometimes you need to offer a new incentive to get people to interact with your social media accounts. Of course, it’s always important to provide valuable content and a good experience, but go beyond that to get people talking.

Offer a giveaway for new followers, hold a photo contest through a social media site or ask people to provide their feedback through social media for a chance to win a prize. These simple incentives can be enough to reenergise your audience and even attract new followers.

Effective social media accounts require constant monitoring and efforts. These tips can help you revive your social media accounts, get attention online and boost brand awareness though social media marketing.