4 Things Every Content Strategy Needs for Success

You’ve no doubt heard about how important a content marketing strategy is, but new research proves that nearly half of UK marketers don’t have a documented strategy. Even if you think you know your plan, documenting it and including these four elements will increase your odds of success, bringing all kinds of business benefits.

New Research on Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Institute recently reported that 42 percent of UK marketers have a content marketing strategy, but it isn’t documented. But, the research also revealed some positive statistics, like the fact that 66 percent of marketers are expecting to increase their content marketing budget in the next year. Also, a whole 88 percent of marketers are planning to produce more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.

4 Elements of Winning Content Strategies

So, if content marketing is growing and becoming more widely used, marketers need a very defined strategy for using it. With a specific strategy that has these four things, you will be working smarter, not harder, as you implement content marketing next year.

Specific Desired Outcome

You can only be successful if you know what you are aiming for. Specify exactly what your desired outcome is. What do you want to do with content marketing? Your answer will be unique to your business, but content marketing can raise brand awareness, increase your social media presence, boost sales and help you accomplish all kinds of goals.

Strategic Target Market

Now, who can help you reach that desired outcome?

The best content marketing plans target the people who have the power to help a business reach its goals. For example, if you want to increase sales, your target market should be people with characteristics of potential customers, or people most likely to want or need your product.

In most cases, you’ll target a few different markets. You’ll usually do this with different types of content or marketing messages, so make plans for each market, because when you try to reach everyone you’ll end up reaching no one.

Smart Tactics and Channels

Next, define what kind of marketing tactics and channels you’ll need to use to reach your target markets. Some markets may be more responsive to blog posts while others will be more interested in ebooks.

By the same token, some people will be easier to reach through email marketing while others will be easier to influence through social media. Do some market research to discover what the best way to reach your markets is.

Measurable Goals

Finally, set some measurable goals and add them to your strategy. This will make it easier to hold yourself accountable and ensure you are continually working in the right direction. Having goals will also help you recognise when you are successful and what you can do to improve your strategy.

Measurable goals should include things like number of social media shares, number of clicks, percentage of brand awareness or number of sales, among other measurable statistics. They should also include a timeline.

Next year, take your content marketing to a whole new level with a documented strategy. Make sure yours includes these four elements and you’ll find that your efforts will bring measurable results.