4 Things you Didn’t Know your Blog is Doing for You

Image courtesy of Taro Yamamoto/Flickr.

You have probably heard all the well-known benefits that come with blogging: increased traffic, better search rankings and the ability to let your visitors comment on your site. But, there are also a few extra perks that come with blogging that many businesses aren’t aware of.

These extra perks are just as valuable as the common, well-known reasons for blogging. In fact, when you know what they are you can enhance your blog to make it even more valuable.

Giving you a Place for your own Voice

A blog gives you your own platform where you can publish your own thoughts, stories and opinions. You have complete control over it, so you can use it as part of your strategies to reach your market.

Social media sites are always changing and you don’t have complete control over them. Coverage on third-party sites can be great for your business, but it doesn’t come with the same control you have over your own blog. Using your own blog lets you control your message and the content you share with your markets.

Building a Reputation as an Expert

As you post compelling information, helpful resources and high-quality content on your blog, you are building a reputation as an expert. Your blog lets you make your website, and business as a whole, more valuable to your market, which can help your entire marketing strategy.

To make this work, your blog posts need to be relevant, helpful and valuable to your market. Then, be sure to share your posts on social media sites so you can build your readership and your reputation.

Adding to your Content Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Your content marketing and social media strategies need content to be successful, and your blog posts should be a major part of these strategies. When you use content from your own website, you can drive traffic to it and build it up as a resource your market can turn to.

Again, sharing your posts on social media is a simple way to use them to complement your social media efforts. You can also use email marketing, link building and other tactics to promote your blog posts.

Keeping your Business Relevant

Finally, your blog helps you keep your business relevant. A static business website that is never updated doesn’t attract your market and can make your business look dated. But, when you publish blog posts frequently, and cover timely and relevant topics, you are showing your market that your business is on the cutting edge in your industry.

Relevant and timely blog posts can help you show your market that you are a trusted thought leader that stays on top of industry trends and can provide the best services and customer experiences.

Your blog is one of the most important tools you have when it comes to Internet marketing. The benefits it can provide and the goals it can help you meet are virtually endless. When you work to make your blog a relevant resource and use it strategically to benefit your market, your entire business will benefit.