4 Things the Best Subscription forms have in common

Image courtesy of hyena reality/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

One of the most important aspects of your website or blog is its subscription form. Whether you want people to sign up to receive newsletters, blog updates, new product information or deals, your form needs to be top notch.

Forms that aren’t effective can hold you back when it comes to your marketing plan because they can prevent you from reaching your goals and seeing success. There are some things the best subscription forms have in common, which you can use to make yours more effective.

Visitors want to Look at Them

If your form is so eye catching and so well designed that your visitors want to look at it to learn more, you’re off to a good start. People will wonder what it’s all about and won’t just scroll right past the sign-up fields. Having an attention-grabbing form is absolutely essential.

Accomplish this by using a branded box and contrasting colours, interesting images or buttons that stand out so people will stop to look at the form and focus on it long enough to understand what it’s all about.

They Clearly State a Benefit

People don’t want to give businesses their email address or other contact information if they don’t have a good reason to do so. You need to tell people what they are getting when they fill out your form so they will be interested enough to do so and so they can trust that they will be getting some value in return.

You can do this with bullet points that highlight benefits, an image of a freebie or just a sentence or two that describes what subscribers get.

Only Needed Information is Required

Just as people won’t give out their email address without a good reason, they won’t give more information than what is needed. If you are working to grow your email subscription list, all you need is your visitors’ email addresses and maybe their names. You don’t need their mailing addresses and you certainly don’t need their phone numbers.

Most people are wary about giving away personal information, so only ask for what you absolutely need. If you do need more personal information, add a footnote explaining why.

They Have Social Proof that Says it All

Social proof can tell a story and can encourage unsure visitors to sign up. Add things like the number of subscribers you have, the number of freebies you’ve given away or testimonials from your subscribers to show site visitors that you satisfy your customers. In many cases, people are more prone to believe and trust others like them than big businesses.

Social proof can also help people feel like they want to be part of the “in” crowd. If you state that you have 200,000 subscribers, people will instantly think things like, “Wow, this must be a great newsletter. This many people can’t be wrong. A business with this kind of following must offer some great value.”

Subscription forms are a key part of many marketing strategies, and getting the best results starts with using the best sign up forms. Use these tips to make sure your forms will help you get your market’s attention and promote your business.