4 Social Media Assessments to do Before the New Year

Believe it or not, 2014 is coming to an end. This time of year is perfect for looking back at what you accomplished this year and finding ways you can do better next year. Before you start something new or change your online marketing strategy for the new year, it is essential that you look at the past.

When you take some time to analyse a few social media metrics, you can find out how well you have promoted your business and brand and discover what kinds of changes you should make next year.

Look at Accounts Being Used

First, list all the social media accounts you have and note which ones you are using more heavily. Check to see if the accounts you are using are helping you reach your markets and whether or not you are using them to their fullest potential.

Now is a good time to close accounts you aren’t using or that aren’t bringing any benefits. Now you can focus on the accounts that have potential and use them more heavily in next year’s social media marketing strategy.

Also check to make sure you have links to the social media accounts you are using on your website so people can find you more easily.

Count the Number of Followers

It’s a good idea to track the number of followers you gain throughout the year. If you aren’t already doing this, start now by setting up a spreadsheet where you can make a note of how many followers each account has on the last day of the month. This can give you an indication of whether the content you are posting is helpful to your market and how many people you have the potential to reach.

Assessing follower growth can also help you decide which accounts are worth spending more time and resources on, since accounts with more followers may have more potential to bring marketing benefits.

Analyse Community Strength

A large following is only the first step. To get more out of social media you need to build a community of followers who interact with you, your content and even other followers. Social media can be a good two-way communication tool where you can learn more about your markets, meet their needs and provide customer service.

Look at posts and activity from the past several months and try to gauge how strong your community is and then look for ways you can increase activity. Looking at the kinds of posts people comment on and the time of day people are active can help you improve your accounts.

Look at Traffic Referrals

As you use social media, you can use a URL shortener that also helps you track how many people click on each link. You can also look at your site’s analytics to find out which social media sites are bringing the most visitors.

Spend some time looking at what kinds of posts get more clicks and which accounts are bringing more traffic. Ask yourself why these accounts are successful or why accounts you would like to be more successful aren’t working. Then, make some changes to your strategy you can start testing next year.

Taking time now to assess how well your social media marketing is working will help you learn where you need to make improvements so that next year, you don’t waste resources doing the same old things that aren’t working and you can get off to a strong start.