4 Places you Haven’t Thought of for Link Building

Link building is an integral part of search engine optimisation. The key to making this tactic work though is to build links on high-quality, relevant sites so that you’ll achieve high rankings and get valuable traffic to your site.

There are dozens of ways to build links and if you have an SEO strategy, you are likely already using some form of link building. Here are some more creative ways you can get valuable links back to your website.

Event or Blog Sponsorships

Consider sponsoring an event or blog that is related to your industry. This brings huge marketing and brand awareness benefits and lets you get some quality links back to your website. Negotiate for a sponsorship package that includes links on the event’s website, blog sidebar or anywhere else that will help you promote your business and get high-quality links.

Best of List with an HTML Badge

Create a list, either as a blog post or a page on your site, full of excellent links relating to your industry. Of course, you don’t want to link to your competitors, but you can link to businesses that you work with, partners or organisations in your community. Make this list valuable to your market and something people in your industry or community would be honoured to be included on.

Then, provide a badge with a snippet of HTML code, that includes a link to your website, that people on the list can use on their own site to show off their inclusion on the list. These kinds of lists are also likely to be widely shared on social media by those on the list and your customers, so they pack a lot of Internet marketing potential.

Online Industry Publication Submissions

Take guest blogging to a whole new level by submitting articles to industry publications. Look for news sites, association websites, educational sites and leading industry publications that have a high page rank and a large readership.

This is another tactic that can bring more than high page rankings. It can help you tap into a new audience, raise brand awareness, establish your business as a thought leader and bring on new customers.

Your Own How-to Article Directory

Set up a section on your website dedicated to how-to guides and similar resources for your products and related subjects. Then, use links to this section to answer questions on social media sites and forums, leave comments on blogs and to encourage people to link to your website.

In some cases, people may be more likely to link to a resource on your site, instead of your home page, so having lots of places for bloggers, social media users and even journalists and other businesses to link to can help you get natural, high-quality links.

Search engines are cracking down on low-quality links, link farms and links built in illegitimate ways. These creative techniques can help you build valuable links that tell Google your site is a legitimate resource and can help you earn higher rankings.