4 Easy Website Tweaks to Eliminate User Frustration

Image courtesy of tiramisustudio/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

The last thing you want is for website visitors to feel frustrated as they browse your products, search your blog or look for more information about your business. Frustrated visitors will quickly leave your website and you will miss opportunities to convert them into leads and gain customers.

Another issue that can come with a website that is hard to use is a tarnished reputation as people in your market see your site is outdated, broken or unorganised. They won’t see you as a legitimate resource or solution.

Your site does need to be fully optimised for search engines and keywords and it needs to have an effective design and layout. But, the details are also important. Even small tweaks can make your site easier to use so you can eliminate frustration and make it more effective.

Put Contact Information Front and Centre

First, don’t hide your contact information. Your address, phone number, email address and a contact form are some of the most important parts of your website. Lots of people likely visit your site to find out how they can get in touch with you and many will want to contact you if they have questions about your products or services. Include your contact information in your footer, sidebar or on a tab that is constantly available no matter what page a user is on.

Make Your Social Media Icons Easy to Find

If people are interested in your business, want to connect with you or just want to keep up to date with your latest blog posts and newest products, they will look for social media icons. If these are hard to find you will miss out on opportunities to build your social media following.

This simple tweak can make it much easier for people to find your accounts and can even encourage people to follow you on social media even if they weren’t intending to. If they see your icons or a “follow” button, they may click on it and connect with you simply because it was easy to do.

Use a Menu Designed for your Market

Your menu isn’t for you; it is for your market. You think about your business, website and resources differently than your market does because you are looking at them from the inside and from a very involved point of view.

Think about how your market sees your website and menu and make sure it is designed for your visitors. It should be easy for them to use and intuitive enough that they won’t get frustrated trying to figure it out or find what they need.

Remember your Visitors’ Purpose

One of the best ways to make sure your site isn’t frustrating for your market is to design it with their goals and purposes in mind. First, ask your self why people come to your website. Then, take that answer and look at your site. Is it easy for a visitor to accomplish that?

If the answer is “no,” determine what is in the way or what is making it hard for people to do what they need to and then tweak that aspect of your site. A website should look good and be functional so it will help you serve your visitors and meet your goals.

As you work to make sure your site is optimised for search engines, updated and user-friendly, use these tips to make sure it doesn’t frustrate and drive away visitors.