3 Ways you Should be Using Hashtags for your Business

Is your business using social media hashtags on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus strategically?

If you haphazardly add hashtags to your posts as an afterthought, you are missing out on lots of benefits, including increased brand awareness, better visibility on social media and even high search rankings.

In fact, KISSmetrics found that adding hashtags to search terms resulted in social media posts and pages appearing in top search results. The article also mentions that tweets that include hashtags see twice the engagement of those that don’t have hashtags.

There are three major ways you can start using hashtags at your business to see these kinds of results.

Make your Content more Findable for Brand Exposure

When you add hashtags to social media posts, they become more findable through the networks themselves and through search engines. Research shows that hashtags also increase tweet engagement, helping businesses reach a bigger audience.

Add relevant hashtags to posts when you publish an update or when you share content, so people will find it and you can attract more followers.

Bolster your own Brand for Awareness and Engagement

You can also build your brand on social media by creating your own, unique hashtags that you use consistently and that your followers start using to engage with your brand and help you promote your cause.

For example, you could use a hashtag for an event, new product launch or your brand in general. The hashtag should be simple and easily recognisable as part of your brand so people will associate it with your business.

You may also consider hosting your own Twitter chat on a regular basis. These online events are usually hosted by an industry expert and use a specific hashtag to group tweets together and have a guided conversation. This can help you stand out as an industry leader and gain a loyal following that tunes in regularly for your chats.

The key to making this strategy work is using your own hashtag regularly and finding one that others will want to use as they interact with you, use your products, visit your locations or mention you on social media.

Tap into Larger Conversations to Attract an Audience

You can leverage widely used hashtags to tap into larger conversations. Adding your voice to social media this way will make your account more visible and help you attract more followers. The best way to use this strategy is to find and use trending hashtags, local hashtags or hashtags that are relevant to your business. Find hashtags people in your target market are likely to use, and then use them as you share content or interact with people.

Another way to use popular hashtags is to participate in conversations about events or Twitter chats, which use hashtags to group related posts together. This is another great way to stand out online and become part of something larger, helping you grow your own audience.

Hashtags are a powerful social media feature that can help you make your accounts stand out, gain new followers and even appear in search results. These three strategies will help you use hashtags more intentionally so they will support your marketing efforts.