3 Ways to Tell your Market You’re Listening and Increase Loyalty

Image courtesy of Adriana Lukas/Flickr.

One of the best ways to build brand loyalty, keep your customers coming back for more and attract more customers is to make sure your market knows you are listening. Especially in this day and age, people expect to be heard by the people they do business with.


Customers want to know the stores they frequent, services they use and websites they rely on have their best interest in mind and are making decisions based on what is best for the customer. As you communicate that you are doing this, your market will become more loyal and your business will grow.

Solicit Comments and Feedback

First, solicit feedback from your market. Make it easy for people to leave comments, ask questions, provide feedback and even submit complaints. Do this by using an easy-to-find form on your website or providing a customer support phone number or email address.


But, don’t just provide these avenues; tell your market about them. Make sure your customers, current and past, know how they can provide feedback and assure them that you want to hear from them.

Act on Feedback and Comments

It’s not enough to just welcome comments. Prove to your market that you are listening by actually taking their comments seriously and taking action when possible. This strategy gives proof to your market and helps you brand yourself as a business that takes its customers’ needs and suggestions seriously.


Of course, you won’t be able to implement every suggestion that comes your way. And, you definitely shouldn’t make changes suggested by your market if they are bad for your business. But, look for those suggestions that are legitimate and that could actually benefit you and your customers.


For example, if you receive several comments suggesting that the wait time is too long when people call your customer support line, hire more representatives or find a different way to provide support that is more efficient. Then, once you’ve implemented that change, tell your market about it and be sure to highlight the fact that you provided what your customers were asking for.


Actions you take can be as simple as using a different social media network, posting about different topics on your blog or even making a change to your site’s navigation that makes it easier to use.

Respond Publicly When Possible

When you can’t make suggested changes, or even when you do, respond to comments publicly when it makes sense. For example, if you regularly see feedback from your customers on your Facebook page, post responses there. You can do this on your social media pages, blog, forums and other online properties.


Responding publicly gives you a chance to promote your excellent customer service and shows your market that you are there and ready to answer. Even if you can’t provide specific assistance online, respond with a comment that directs the customer to your website, asks her to call you or provides some other form of assistance.


Telling your market you are listening will have a long-lasting impact on your Internet marketing efforts. It will help you build a loyal fan base, attract more customers and create a reputation as a business that puts its customers first.