3 Ways Images can Increase Engagement on Your Blog

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Images have the potential to move your readers and speak to your market in a very unique way. With just a quick glance, the right picture can send the perfect message to your readers and encourage them to engage on your blog.

Engaged readers are more likely to interact with your brand, buy your products and even become brand advocates, helping you get your message to their friends. So how do you unlock the power of a picture and use them to help your blog be more successful? Here are three ways you can use pictures to increase blog engagement.

Post Screenshots and Directions as Images

Posting screenshots that illustrate what your post is describing is an excellent way to increase engagement. Users can more easily understand your point and follow along as you give directions when you include visual aids. Screenshots are especially helpful when your post include things like instructions or examples that can solidify your point.

Visual directions may be more easily followed. For example, a call to action that is included in an image or graphic may be more recognized and more easily understood than a message buried in paragraphs of text.

Bring Your Readers Along

If your business holds events or attends an event hosted by another business, consider posting photos of people and activities from the event to your blog. These kinds of images are much more engaging and carry much more feeling than logos or stock pictures of conferences.

Helping your readers feel as if they attended the event and that they are able to get an inside look at the happenings at your business through photos will help them feel included in your businesses’ activities, which will encourage them to engage with your brand.

Use Shareable Images

Pictures that are thought provoking, funny or interesting are shared more often than boring stock photos. Use pictures that your readers will be more likely to share to their social media accounts and you’ll find that your market is becoming more engaged with your blog content. Shared content benefits your brand through awareness, site traffic and search engine optimisation link building. People who share images from your blog are also becoming brand advocates, with the ability to persuade their social media followers to explore your brand.

Beyond these three pieces of advice, be sure to use quality images and consider including large pictures in your posts. Quality pictures will help your website look more professional and may be more likely to be shared. Bigger pictures can grab your readers’ attention and can break up heavy sections of text.

The increased popularity of sites like Instagram and Pinterest and the new focus on images on Facebook shows us that people are interested in visual content. By strategically using pictures in your posts, you can increase reader engagement, which can help you reach your business goals.