3 Ways Guest Blogging Benefits Your Business

Image courtesy of Kreg Steppe/Flickr.

Do you guest blog on a regular basis? If you don’t, you could be missing out on some great benefits. Guest blogging, or writing a post for someone else’s blog, can be very beneficial to your search engine optimisation, digital marketing and branding efforts.

The benefits your business gets from guest blogging will depend on the strategies you use and the effort you put into your guest blogging outreach tactics, but a few general benefits apply to most businesses.

Increase Your Website’s Rankings

One of the most common reasons companies guest blog is to get links back to their own website in an effort to build links and boost their search engine rankings. This tactic does work, and is even more valuable now that Google is putting a bigger emphasis on links that come from legitimate pages.

When you write a guest blog post, most bloggers will allow you to include a few links in your author biography at the end of your post. Take advantage of this by strategically linking back to specific pages on your site and carefully considering the words you use for anchor texts. Also work to land guest blogging opportunities on blogs with high page ranks so you’ll get the most out of each link.

Tap into a New Audience

When you write a guest blog post, you may be able to tap into a new audience. Of course, you most likely want to look for guest posting opportunities on blogs that have readers that are part of your target market. However, a guest blog post gives you the chance to make a whole new audience aware of your brand.

Make sure your guest posts aren’t purely self-promotional. The idea behind guest blogging is to write about something that will interest the blog’s readership or to provide your professional insight into a topic related to the blog. The promotional part of the post comes with the author biography, where you will get the chance to mention your business’ name and link back to your website.

Join Communities and Raise Awareness

As you guest blog, you are adding your voice to larger conversations, joining blogging communities and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. Guest blogging can be a great way to get your name out there and to raise awareness of your business, products and services.

To really benefit from this, you should pitch guest post ideas to blogs carefully. Choose blogs that are directly related to your industry and that have readers who you think fall into your target market. Work to create an online reputation for your business that tells readers that you are an expert and a resource they can rely on.

Guest blogging is a popular SEO tactic, but it can also help you raise awareness among your target markets and help establish your business as an expert and reliable resource. When people look to your business for information and as a trusted solution, your business will benefit from a stronger brand and increased sales.