3 Ways to Find Where Your Market is Online

Image courtesy of anankkml/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

No matter what kind of Internet marketing campaigns you are using, it is absolutely vital that you know where your market is online so you can get your messaging and tactics in front of it. You need to know which social media sites, websites, blogs and apps your potential customers frequent so you can meet them there, communicate with them and persuade them to become your customers.

Use Demographical and Site Statistics

By comparing your market data to that of major websites and social media networks, you can find which ones your market is likely to use. For example, if you want to target women and know that 80 percent of Pinterest users are women (according to Wishpond), you can deduce that using the site will help you reach your market.

The key to using this approach is knowing your market well. When you know exactly who you want to reach online, you can start finding the sites that attract them. Remember, the online locations you use also need to lend themselves to your brand. If your brand or business isn’t particularly visual, Pinterest may not be your best option, or you may need to find ways to use more images in your content.

Think Like Your Market

Now, start thinking like your market. When you know information about the people you want to target, like their age, gender, profession, interests, the things that influence them, and what motivates them, you can make some educated guesses about where they are online.

If you provide financial services, and your market is motivated by the idea of providing for their family, then you know your potential customers will be interested in websites and social media groups that provide that kind of information.

This approach does take some guesswork, but when you have a solid foundation of market information to start with, your assumptions are more likely to be correct.

Do Surveys and Polls

What better way to find out what sites your market uses than to ask people? Sending surveys to your email group, adding polls to your website and even holding a few focus groups can help you find out which sites your market uses.

This approach can also help you find out which social media sites your market would like to use to connect with you. One of your survey or poll questions could be “Which social media sites would you be interested in using to receive more information from us?” and then provide options like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Of course, with all this research and educated guesswork, you also need to test your strategies and track your results. After you have chosen some sites to use in your Internet marketing plans, start executing your strategy and tracking your results to see if the sites are helping you reach your market.

When you know who your market is, do research about different sites, think like your market and conduct surveys, you can find out where your market gathers online. This information is invaluable as you build Internet marketing plans and will help you achieve greater results.