Do you need a specialised SEO plan?

While there are all kinds of search engine optimisation strategies and approaches, there are some specific areas you can emphasise to reach various goals. Different kinds of SEO plans can bring different results, and depending on your company’s needs, you may only use a general SEO plan or you may use some specialised plans.

General SEO

First, general SEO is the traditional type most people are familiar with. The goal is to get a website to rank for some very specific keywords and phrases so that particular pages will appear near the top of search results.

This is accomplished through onsite and offsite SEO. Onsite SEO strategies include adding keywords to content, using meta tags and descriptions and making sure the site runs smoothly and quickly. Offsite SEO tactics include link building, guest blogging, social media and other strategies that are executed on sites other than the one you want to rank.

Virtually every business can benefit from general SEO. Ranking for the right keywords can help you drive traffic to your site, build your online brand, increase sales and accomplish so many other business goals.

Local SEO

With local SEO, you can target internet users in a specific geographic area when they use search terms that include a place and even when they don’t. Local SEO is especially important when it comes to mobile marketing.

This kind of campaign is perfect for a business with brick-and-mortar locations or smaller businesses that only serve a specific geographic area. It is meant to help businesses establish their brand and name in a local industry.

Local SEO strategies use onsite and offsite tactics and things like social media promotion, content creation and syndication and very specific types of keyword research and link building.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is used to target potential customers. It is used to attract people who are most likely to purchase something from your business, get them to your website and then encourage them to make a purchase before they leave. This strategy requires an understanding of consumer behaviour so that you can leverage the traffic that comes to your site and increase your sales.

There is a lot that goes into generating leads, but SEO can help your efforts when you use keywords your target markets are most likely to use and then optimise your site in such a way that it persuades visitors to buy your products.

All three of these types of SEO strategies work to help you get more traffic to your site and then optimise your pages so that visitors will respond to your calls to action. A good SEO plan will result in a stronger online brand, which will also lend itself to your other marketing goals.

Regardless of what kind of SEO you are using, it will require careful tracking, analytical reporting, testing and constant efforts to stay current with SEO best practices to see the best results.