3 Things you Should not do With your Blog

What should you know before starting up a business blog?

We hear a lot of advice on what a company should do with their business blog. Things like post consistently, offer value and write high-quality posts are common tips for setting up a blog that supports your marketing plan.

What we don’t hear very often is what not to do with a business blog. These kinds of tips are just as valuable because they can help you avoid common pitfalls that often hold businesses back and prevent their blogs from helping with marketing and branding efforts.

Do not over optimise.

Your blog posts can be a big part of your search engine optimisation plan, but be careful not to over optimise them. When writing a blog post, using things like keywords, internal and external links, meta descriptions and titles can help you get your content to rank, which will increase traffic to your site.

However, if you focus too much on SEO, you could compromise the quality of your content and actually do more harm than good. If your posts are stuffed with keywords, aren’t naturally written and compromise value for optimisation, they won’t benefit your business in the long run. Work to provide quality content for your market first, and then go back and optimise posts for search engines. Writing a business blog post that is informative and engaging will go an awful long way.

Do not constantly push a sale.

It’s true that your blog can help you promote your products and make more sales, but when all of your content is sales oriented you will scare readers away. People don’t read blogs to be promoted to, so your readership and traffic will decrease if you use this kind of post too often.

An occasional promotional post is okay, and mentioning products or services in a blog post that isn’t entirely about making a sale can soften the sales pitch and help you keep your posts valuable and interesting to readers.

Remember that all of your content helps you promote your brand. Even though you may not be asking people to buy something, you are still creating a brand that tells people you have their best interests in mind, want to provide helpful information and are an expert in your field.

Do not neglect your community.

The community you build with your business blog can be a very valuable marketing asset. Whether people are leaving comments on your website or social media posts, sharing your content or just visiting your site to read it, they are becoming an online audience that is listening to what you have to say. You can target this audience with marketing messages, promotional materials and other branding tactics to grow your business.

To help this community flourish, interact with it, listen to what people have to say and cater to its needs. Understand what your followers are looking for and use your blog to provide it so you can attract a larger, stronger following.

Starting a business blog in the right way can have an incredible effect.

Staying away from these common blogging mistakes can help you make sure your business blog posts help your overall marketing plan so you can successfully reach your markets and promote your business. From writing a blog post about industry secrets and updates to creating ultimate guides about a certain type of products, you can help a customer make the right decision in choosing you for their needs.

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