3 Things that Make Content Marketing Invaluable

Image courtesy of Boykung/Flickr.

Content marketing is an extremely popular form of Internet marketing and one that can bring a lot of benefits to your business. Using things like blog posts, online articles, infographics, images, videos and other types of content can help you reach a variety of business and marketing goals, but what is it about content marketing that makes it so valuable?

Each company and campaign will get different results, but some very common benefits that come with content marketing are just a few examples of what makes this strategy so invaluable.

Telling Your own Story is Easier

To build your brand and promote your business, you need to get online and tell your own story. Using content marketing allows you to tell your market, the public and even the media all about who you are, what you value and what kinds of benefits you can offer your customers.

Failing to tell your own story means you will lose control of the message and speculation, social media complaints and misunderstandings will follow your business, which will weaken your brand and make it harder for you to grow.

Statistically, Consumers Prefer Content over Ads

According to Ragan Communications, 70 percent of consumers would rather get to know a company through articles than advertisements.

Of course, ads do have their place, but content can do things ads can’t. People know when they are being advertised to and quite frankly, they know that ads don’t provide as much value as content. Online articles, blog posts, videos and other types of content make it possible for you to provide real value to your market.

Use content to provide tips, educate, offer insight and give your customers excellent resources they will actually use. This approach tells people that your goal is to help your customers, not just overwhelm or annoy them with advertisements. It will also help you position yourself as the go-to solution in your industry.

An Opportunity to Build a Trusting, Beneficial Relationship with your Market

Ragan Communications also reported that 90 percent of consumers feel that custom content is useful and 78 percent feel that businesses that use custom content are interested in creating a positive relationship with them.

What does this mean? It means that when you use content marketing, you have the unique and valuable opportunity to build a trusting relationship with your market. When you create this kind of relationship, your customers will benefit as you provide the best resources and products available.

But, you will also benefit because you will build a stronger brand, gain more loyal customers and create a reputation that helps you attract new customers. Content marketing is one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your market, and that relationship can bring big benefits.

These are just a few examples of the benefits content marketing can bring to your business. This strategy can help you achieve all kinds of business and marketing goals, and it’s one that you can easily tailor to your needs. Start getting these benefits and more by implementing a strong, comprehensive content marketing plan at your organisation.