3 Things an online Newsroom can do For You

An online newsroom, or a page on your website for news updates, can bring a lot of marketing benefits. A newsroom can take the form of a news page within a company website or it can look more like a newsletter or latest news section, that is less formal and more like a category on a blog.

When you set up a news section and incorporate it into your online marketing, social media marketing and content marketing strategies, here are a few benefits you can expect to see.

Gain Search Engine Rankings

First, an online newsroom gives you a chance to update your website often, adding valuable resources to your content collection. This alone can help you improve your search rankings, especially if you optimise each new piece of content and site page.

You can also use news updates to try to rank for trending topics in your industry, which can help you attract site visitors. As you produce content on current ideas and topics that people are interested in, they may be more likely to find your website as your updates rank higher in search engines.

Become an Industry Resource

As you post highly relevant and current content to your website, you will also have an opportunity to become an industry resource. The content you post to your news section could be related to your business, industry and local community as it relates to your brand.

When your public begins to recognise that your news section is a great resource for industry news and current events, helping them stay up to date, they will use it more often. This means more traffic to your website and more visitors you can convert to customers. It also means greater brand awareness and a stronger relationship with your market.

Give you an Opportunity to Own your Story and Brand

Creating a special news section on your website also gives you an opportunity to own your story and brand. You will have a place to add your own voice to industry-wide conversations and get a chance to make sure you tell your market what you want them to hear when you make announcements, change your products, open a new location, experience a change in leadership or work through any other business change. An online newsroom can also help you solidify your brand as you release official statements.

Online newsrooms are only effective when they are updated frequently. Treat yours like a blog and add content regularly, but be sure it is always newsworthy. The content should be professional and high quality and should be written with your market’s needs in mind.

Be sure to optimise your newsroom content for readers with images and links to other pages on your site. Then, add keywords and meta descriptions to help you rank your pages in search results.

If you don’t have an online newsroom, but you often find yourself sharing news and updates with your market, consider setting one up or designating a blog category just for news. As you leverage the content, you’ll see SEO, content marketing, branding and other kinds of valuable benefits.