3 Strategies to Keep People Coming back to your Site

Is your website the kind that visitors come to once and then never return to? If it is, you could be missing big opportunities to engage with your market, increase sales and solidify your online brand.

But, taking your site to the next level and working strategically to bring people back again and again will make it a more effective marketing tool.

Become a Current Resource

Positioning yourself as an industry resource makes you stand out online and helps you raise brand awareness. It also helps you gain your market’s trust and build the kind of relationship you need to be successful.

When your website is a valuable resource, people will come back to it to see what’s new, find solutions to their problems and just to find inspiration. There are likely websites you check in on frequently, or even daily. Why do you keep going back? Chances are that they provide relevant, high-quality and helpful content.

Create a content section on your website full of articles, videos, tutorials, blog posts or graphics that can become an industry resource people turn to. As they keep coming back, you will have more chances to convey your calls to action and gain customers.

Make it the Centre of Interaction

Make your website an integral part of the way you do business so people will have to visit it if they want to interact with your brand. In most cases, this means making it possible to buy products online, providing customer support through your website, adding an event calendar or adding something else that draws your market to your site for necessary information.

This makes your website the centre of your online marketing, where people will come for information and products and to connect with your business. With this strategy, all of your other marketing tactics, like content marketing and social media marketing, should direct people to your website with calls to action and links.

Continually Provide new Incentives

To give people one more reason to come to your website, offer new incentives on a regular basis. The incentive you use will depend on your goals and what is likely to attract your market, but it should be something valuable enough to bring visitors to your site regularly.

Hosting giveaways, posting coupon codes or having a weekly deal are great incentives that will help you boost sales and highlight your products. They will also keep people coming back to see what the latest deal is.

Don’t forget that while people are on your site for this incentive, you can capture their attention with other calls to action to achieve goals like growing your social media following or building an email subscriber list.

These three strategies are basic but powerful and you can customise them to fit your business so they will help you attract your unique target market. When you consciously work to bring people to your site multiple times, your website will become a more effective tool you can use to accomplish all kinds of marketing goals.