3 Steps to Winning with Content Marketing

To succeed at content marketing, it’s vital that you know who your audience is and how you want people to respond. Articles, blog posts, social media content, videos and other kinds of content that are carefully targeted at the right audience and have the right information can bring big results.

Why take the Time?

It’s easy to start creating content about your brand, business and products. This kind of content definitely has its place. However, you can make that content even more effective so you’ll get more return on your investment.

The best content marketing plans are strategic and based on a company’s needs and goals. They are designed with the audience in mind and have purpose and direction. To make sure your plan will bring results, you’ll need to start with a solid foundation.

3 Steps to Winning with Content Marketing

To build this foundation you will need to identify your audience and then tailor your content so it is appealing, attention grabbing and persuading to the right people so it will bring results. There are three basic steps that can help you design content that will benefit your business.

Identify your Market

First, identify who you want to reach with your content marketing by assessing your goals. If you want to make more sales, you will need to target potential customers with needs you can fill. If you want to grow your social media following, you will be targeting social media users who have an interest in your industry.

You may be trying to work with several markets, so treat each one separately and make sure each piece of content is specifically designed for one group.

Decide what Action you Want People to Take

Once you have identified your market, decide what kind of action you want people to take after reading or viewing your content. As mentioned above, you may want people to make a purchase or follow you on social media.

It’s important to identify this action so that you can include a call to action and other pieces of content that will help you reach that goal. Without this element, content can’t bring results.

Ask Yourself what People Need to Hear to Take that Action

The final step is to ask yourself what your audience needs to hear in order to take the desired action. What will persuade people to buy your product or follow you on social media? The answer to this question will give you ideas for the kind of content you need to use, how you can distribute it and even help you create entire content marketing and Internet marketing campaigns.

When you identify that motivating factor you can weave it into your blog posts, articles, videos, photos and other pieces of content. You can also tie it to your calls to action and highlight benefits that people will enjoy when they respond and follow through.

To win at content marketing, you need to lay a strong foundation that will give you purpose and direction. These three steps will help you create that foundation so that your content marketing campaign will be successful and help you reach your marketing and business goals.