3 Steps to Using Twitter to Build Your Brand

Using Twitter is a very good way to build your brand, especially among your online audience. Twitter is a fast-paced social media site that requires short, constant messaging. You can use this to your advantage and connect with your market in simple, yet very effective ways.

Perfect Your Page and Profile

To use Twitter for branding, it is absolutely essential that you leverage your Twitter page and profile. Twitter allows you to choose your own background so use that strategically by using one that matches your brand by way of colours and style. If you want, you can even create a background that includes your logo, tagline and contact information and then upload it to Twitter.

There is some debate on whether businesses should use a logo or a picture of a person for their social media profile pictures. This is entirely up to you. While a logo can bring some extra branding, it can also seem cold and almost too businesslike. A picture of a person can come across as more inviting and personal, but may not be as branded as a logo.

Your profile should be complete and updated. Make sure it includes a few words about what your business does and the URL for your website.

Use Consistent Messaging

Just like any other marketing channel or online platform, you need to use consistent messaging when you use Twitter. You probably already have some marketing messaging you are using, so identify which messages you want to use and then consistently use them in your Tweets.

This is usually more easily accomplished when only one or two people are in charge of tweeting for your business. If you have several people helping to run your account, you run the risk of losing your messaging.

As you send messaging through Twitter make sure you keep it somewhat relaxed. Don’t use branded messaging for every tweet, but make sure the messaging is intertwined with what you do on Twitter.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

One way you can keep your Twitter account open and approachable is to let some personality show through. This can also help you prevent your account from becoming too formal and stale.

Talk with your market in conversational ways and engage with other Twitter users. Find a voice that is consistent with your brand but is somewhat casual sine social media tends to be less formal.

Your can show your personality through your tone and through the content you share. Of course, you should share content that will help you reach your marketing goals, but make sure it is content that will be interesting and helpful for your audience.

These steps can help you use Twitter to promote your business, but the best way to use Twitter for branding is to be consistent. Set goals and use consistent messaging to make sure you are using social media strategically. Show some personality without loosing your brand’s messaging and engage in conversations with your followers and other Twitter users to strengthen your brand image.