3 Steps to Optimizing Your Facebook Page for the New Graph Search

In January of this year, Facebook unveiled Graph Search, which makes it easier for users to find friends, brand pages and businesses. The feature also allows users to search for things their friends have interacted with. A few months after the debut, digital marketers and search engine optimisation professionals are looking for ways to optimize Facebook pages so users can more easily find businesses through Graph Search.

Your can optimize your Facebook page in much the same way you optimise your website and other social media profiles. The following are three easy steps that can help your page get better Graph Search rankings.

1. Include Current and Complete Information

The about section on your Facebook page needs to include current information and needs to be as complete as possible. Include your company’s URL and make sure your page is listed under the correct category.

Listing your URL will help with rankings and may also help increase traffic to your site. Using the correct category is extremely important to making sure your page is included in results when users search for keywords relating to your business.

2. Update Local Information

With Graph Search, users can search for something, like a restaurant, shopping center or any other type of business, in a certain area. If there is an address and city associated with your page, it will be more likely to appear in results for these kinds of searches.

If you can list a geographic location for your business, do so. This will help ensure your business will appear in results when a user is searching for something by area. Including location information, so your audience can easily find your business, is also a good marketing practice.

3. Claim Your Territory

Facebook Places can be created by anyone: you, your marketing team, your fans and even your customers. Facebook Places can be very beneficial as users check in and advertise to their friends that they are using your services.

Business owners can login and “claim” their Place page, giving them more control over the feature and allowing them to better optimise their account. If you chose the local business option when you created your page, Facebook most likely created a Place page for you.

Beyond these three steps, you need to make sure your Facebook page is active and that your fans interact with your posts. An active page will rank better in Graph Search and will benefit your other SEO efforts and brand.

Optimising your business Facebook page has always been important for effective SEO and social media optimisation. However, with the addition of Graph Search, the way a business page needs to be optimised has changed slightly. Use these three steps and you’ll be able to achieve rankings in Graph Search results.