3 Steps to Ensuring Your Email Marketing Campaign is Mobile Friendly

Image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Recently, a study by Nielsen revealed that in the UK 68 percent of people who own smartphones had used it to check their email in the last 30 days. Additionally, according to Knotice, 41 percent of all emails are opened on smartphones.

Knowing these staggering statistics, it’s easy to understand why making your email marketing campaign mobile friendly is extremely important. If a large portion of your market reads emails on their smartphone, chances are your emails will be viewed on a smartphone. If your emails are mobile friendly you will be much more likely to reach your campaign goals.

Use Dimensions and Formatting to your Advantage

Most mobile screens are long and narrow, making wide emails hard to read. Avoid multiple columns and busy emails. Instead, stick to a one-column format with large, readable text. If your email isn’t automatically translated into a mobile format, your readers will be forced to zoom in and out and scroll from left to right and up and down to see your entire message. Make this less painful by creating a design that is conducive to a small, narrow screen.

Write a Subject Line with Mobile Users in Mind

You already know your subject line can make or break a marketing email tactic. If a subject line doesn’t entice a recipient to open your email, he will delete it and possible report it as spam, eliminating any chance of receiving and responding to your brand’s messaging.

People who read emails from their smartphones are likely multitasking or traveling. They are in a hurry and are likely quickly sorting through their inbox to find the emails they need and deleting the rest. Write your subject line with this demographic in mind.

Short subjects with a very clear reader benefit will make it more likely that your emails will be opened. You can also try creating a sense of urgency or importance in your subject line, making it less likely readers will delete your emails before reading them.

Include a Call to Action with a Big Button or Link

It is much easier for a smartphone user to click a big button that is included in an email message than it is to open a browser and navigate to a URL. If your call to action is too hard for a mobile user to execute, she likely won’t follow through. Make your calls to action mobile friendly by including buttons and big links that help your readers respond to your email.

Making sure email messages are mobile friendly is an important aspect of a successful email marketing campaign. With large portions of the public, and most likely your target market, reading email messages from their smartphones, your business can’t afford to skip this step.