Forget Old News – this is Real Time Marketing!

Using live marketing is an approach that can help you stand out, go beyond geographic boundaries to involve your market and gain an active audience. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of live marketing, it’s relatively simple; it’s marketing that happens in real time.

Live marketing unfolds as current events happen and while it does require some planning, it often happens very quickly as businesses watch for opportunities. By taking some time to plan now, you can be ready to incorporate live marketing at your business.

Link yourself to Current Events

One of the most common ways to use live marketing is to link a business or products to current events. Holidays, current events, pop culture trends and more give you great opportunities to tell a specific audience about your business. This kind of marketing can also lead to earned media mentions and links, so it’s one that is very valuable.

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This kind of marketing requires constant news monitoring and creativity. Keep current with community and industry news and try to find opportunities where your brand could become part of a larger conversation.

Broadcast Live Videos

Tools like YouTube broadcasting, high-definition videos and high-quality web cameras have made it easier than ever to broadcast live videos. This tactic lets you include more people in events, conferences and product launches and gain attention online. It also makes it possible to add a personal touch to your website, email marketing and blog as audio and video can bring a whole new element to content.

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Plan to live stream your next event and then share it through your blog, email marketing and press releases. Don’t forget you can also make a broadcast the main event. For example, invite people to tune in to a live panel discussion on YouTube or host a question and answer session through Google Hangouts.

Use Social Media During Events or Launches

Social media is a great tool for live marketing. It lets you get your message out to your followers very quickly, allows people to interact with you while you post and makes it possible for your business to join other conversations and events. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus are perfect for live social media posting.

Take Action

This kind of live marketing takes planning. While it may appear to your audience that your social media streams are casual and even done on the fly, doing this correctly requires strategy. Choose an event and then tell your social media followers that you will be live posting during it. Assign one or two people to live post and consider using a tool like HootSuite to make things easier. As you post, try to interact with people who are responding to your posts or talking about the event. You can also use live marketing on social media by participating in conversations or events hosted by others.

Live marketing can open opportunities for your business, making it possible for you to stand out online, connect with your market and highlight your brand. These three forms of live marketing can be adjusted for virtually any business, so look for ways you can use them to boost your online marketing and branding.