3 Signs you’re using the Wrong Social Media Network

When it comes to social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are only the beginning. There are literally dozens of social media networks out there. The big players have larger user bases, but even some niche social media sites, with fewer users, have a lot of marketing power.

So how do you know which sites to use? The nature of your business, audience and marketing goals can help you determine which social media networks to use. But, there are times when it’s time to start using a new network or stop using another so you’ll get the most out of your efforts.

There are a few warning signs that can tell you that you may be using the wrong social media networks for your business or market.

Little to No Engagement

If you have noticed a decline in the amount of “likes,” comments and shares on your social media account, consider whether you are using the right site. In some cases, all it takes is a change in strategy and some new types of content or a new approach to increase engagement again. However, if you have tried a few approaches and nothing seems to help you keep your following active, you may be on the wrong site.

Before you abandon a site altogether, do some testing with different types of posts, content and engagement strategies to make sure it really is time for a change. You may also decide to keep one account open while you experiment with a new site to compare results.

Results are Few and Far Between

Remember, you are using social media for a specific reason. You might be trying to drive traffic to your blog, make more sales, create a community of loyal customers or just raise brand awareness. If you consistently fall short of meeting your goals or if you aren’t seeing any real impact from your social media efforts, consider using a new social media site.

Again, be careful that you don’t leave a site prematurely. Try using different strategies to meet your goals and make sure you have exhausted all your options before you decide to open a new account somewhere else.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your goals are realistic and that the site you are using is one that will help you meet a specific goal. In other words, Facebook may be instrumental in helping you drive traffic to your site, but maybe you tend to generate more sales leads through Instagram. In many cases, you will use different social media sites to meet different goals.

Your Audience is Dwindling

Trying to reach an audience that isn’t there is counterproductive and won’t bring any results. Keep tabs on the social media sites your target market uses and recognise whether the sites you are using have the right audience for you.

New social media networks come and go, and it’s entirely possible that your market will experiment with a new site that won’t last very long, so don’t make decisions based on passing fads.

But, if research shows that specific age groups or types of markets are using a site more frequently or leaving a site, you may want to consider what that means for your business. You can also do surveys and polls to find out what sites your customers use and where they would be most interested in connecting with you.

Using social media is both a science and an art. Learning to recognise when a site isn’t the best fit for your business or goals is important so you can make sure you are using the right channels to reach and inspire your market.