3 Questions to Answer Before you Create an Infographic

Infographics are hot right now. Businesses are successfully using them to boost traffic, build links, earn search engine rankings, raise brand awareness and achieve all kinds of marketing and branding goals.

While this kind of content can be very beneficial, it may not always be the solution. These three questions can help you determine if an infographic is the right choice for your goals.

1 – Can my Message be Enhanced with Graphics?

The best infographics convey a visual message. They tie together several facts or pieces of information to tell a story and say something to a target market. If your message is one that can be made more clear or understandable with graphics, an infographic would be a great option.

In some cases, it may be obvious how you can use visuals to send your message. But, you can also take more abstract ideas and add visual elements to make them more clear and memorable. Images make an impact on us and can be more shareable, so conveying messages this way can be very effective.

2 – Is my Information Interesting?

While infographics can definitely make a topic more interesting, you need to start with a topic or facts that will get your market’s attention. Ask yourself if your target reader would be interested in the information you plan to include in your infographic before you create it.

You can use infographics to make more mundane, ordinary topics more interesting by relating them to things we are all familiar with. You’ve likely seen infographics that illustrate how tall a stack of products sold each year would be or that compare the sizes of things using everyday items to give readers an idea of the scale of something.

It’s essential that all of the information you gather is accurate and reliable. Combine information from several sources and use your own studies and business statistics to tell a compelling story with your infographic.

3 – What is my End Goal?

Before you use any type of content, you should ask yourself what your end goal is. What do you hope to accomplish? There isn’t one single goal that infographics can help you achieve, but the idea is to make sure an infographic can support your goals.

Infographics are commonly used to generate social media shares, build links, support search engine optimisation plans and create interesting blog content. Remember that in many cases you will have benchmark goals or tactics that will help you achieve your overall goals. For example, content marketing and link building could be part of your goal to earn top search rankings and using infographics would support these goals well.

There’s no question that infographics can be an effective part of a content marketing, social media marketing and SEO plan. However, before you start using them as part of your strategy, ask yourself these questions to make sure this type of content will bring the results you are looking for.