3 Holiday Preparations you Should Check off this Week

The holidays are upon us. You’re probably busy trying to keep up with all the preparations around the office, like thank-you gifts and holiday parties, but there are also some strategic preparations you need to plan for. This week, ramp up your holiday marketing with these three tips.

Run a Promotion or Offer a Freebie

First, get ready to run some special promotions or deals. Depending on your business, you might do something like offer a coupon code for online shopping, give free samples at your store locations or even just offer an online freebie.

This time of year, people expect to be able to find good deals, and by being competitive you’ll build a good relationship with your current and past customers and attract new ones.

You’ll also draw attention to your brand, benefitting your other online marketing efforts as you collect email addresses and get more social media shares. Word of mouth is powerful when it comes to promoting discounts and free items, so be sure to share your promotion on social media or require people to share the deal in order to access the code or free download.

Plan a Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaign

Use your social media accounts to generate some extra interest and engagement during the holidays. Do this by planning special content to share and by doing something different on social media, like running a contest or giveaway.

Build up to the end of the month with weekly prizes, a series of valuable content or a campaign that launches your newest products or services. Standing out and getting attention on social media during the holidays can be challenging, but it will help you build your online presence.

As people notice your campaign, follow your accounts and engage with your business, you won’t just be benefitting your holiday push. You’ll be gaining an interested audience for future social media campaigns.

Create a Special Email Marketing Message

Finally, be sure to leverage your email marketing with a special holiday message. The email should promote your holiday deals or freebie and ask people to connect with you on social media.

But, it should also do more than that. It should be a tool to help you build your reputation and strengthen your relationship with your market. Use it to thank loyal customers, offer a coupon to customers who have previously shopped on your site or promote a holiday event.

Remember that people already get a lot of promotional emails, and they get even more during the holiday season. So, make your message stand out with a catchy headline that promises value and be sure to send your email when your unique subscribers are most likely to open it and benefit from it.

The end of the year is the ideal time to offer special promotions, freshen up your social media marketing and leverage your email marketing lists. It’s a great time to remind your customers what you can do for them and to attract new customers.