3 Approaches to Getting more Social Media Clicks

When you use social media marketing, one of your goals is likely to drive people to your website. You want people to click on the links you share and visit your site, read your blog, connect with you on another social media site, buy a product or complete some other action.

But, how do you get people clicking to begin with? Here are three approaches to try at your business.

1 – Use Tempting Titles and Clickbait

First, make the post or headline of the content being shared tempting. Make people want to pause and read your post and want to click on the link to find out more. There are all kinds of ways to make titles tempting and the strategy you use will depend on your market and brand.

You’ve likely seen those titles that say something like “You won’t believe what happens next,” or “I second guessed this, but not after I saw what she did.” These kinds of titles are designed specifically to get people clicking.

But, you don’t have to use sensational headlines. Headlines that promise value, include interesting facts or promise to unveil new information can also work for this approach.

2 – Post a Teaser and ask for Clicks

Another way to make people want to click is to post a teaser for your content. A teaser is a short blurb that provides just enough details to get people interested but doesn’t give everything away, so people will have to click on the link for the rest of the story.

Your teasers should capture attention and make people want to know what the rest of the content looks like. They could be a short snippet from your content, an eye-catching photo or a blurb written with the purpose of generating interest and clicks.

After the teaser use a phrase like “click for more,” “read the rest of the story here” or “see the infographic here,” asking people to click on your link.

3 – Offer a Powerful Incentive

Sometimes people need an extra push and a relevant incentive can get people to click on your links. The incentive you use needs to speak to your brand but also be valuable to the people you are trying to reach.

Something as simple as asking people to enter a giveaway or linking to product coupons can work as an effective incentive. Some situations may call for bigger incentives, like giving people a free month of service or sending them a free download.

Regardless of what kind of incentive you use, choose one that will attract your market and help you promote your business.

Building a large social media following and getting exposure are only the first steps in social media marketing. It’s essential that you get people to click on the links you share if you want to drive traffic to your site or encourage people to interact with your brand.