#20things revealed

Syzygy, the London based digital agency, rocked twitter with this stunning illustration showing 20 events from 2011. Back in December they asked their twitter followers to spot the 20 viral events shown in the picture; this got them over 2 million Twitter impressions and over 500,000 Facebook impressions. Yesterday, they revealed those 20 events.

How many did you find?

  1. Rome- ‘3 dreams of black’, an interactive film by Chris Milk
  2. Sword and Sorcery released on iPad
  3. Nyan Cat went viral
  4. Oneiric Ocelot, or Ubuntu 11.10 was released
  5. Google’s Vic Gundotra tweeted “Two turkeys do not make an Eagle”
  6. Anonymous attacked the PlayStation network
  7. Greenpeace launched an appeal to help fund a new Rainbow Warrior
  8. Dennis Ritchie, co-creator of UNIX and father of the C programming language, died
  9. Duke Nukem Forever launches, after 15 years in development
  10. Google replaces Helvetica with Comic Sans in search results as an April Fools prank
  11. ‘The Force’, Volkswagen commercial released
  12. Rebecca Black’s music video ‘Friday’ went viral
  13. Casey Neistat posts this video to protest a bike fine he received in NYC
  14. The hacker group LulzSec was formed and attacked several corporate and public websites
  15. Google launched Google+
  16. Steve Jobs died
  17. Facebook introduced the ‘timeline’
  18. WikiLeaks released Guantanamo Bay prisoner reports
  19. The crazy nastyass honey badger video goes viral on YouTube
  20. Old Spice Mano a Mano- epic battle between old Old Spice guy, and new Old Spice guy released on YouTube