Conference Tips

March 22nd, 2012|Thoughts from the team|

SXSW just wrapped up, and as we speak, MozCon is well underway; for those not in the know, MozCon is the place to be right now if you want to be rubbing elbows with the best talent in internet marketing. We all know how great conferences can be for mixing things up and refreshing your [...]

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Measuring Social Reach

March 21st, 2012|Social Media Marketing|

When you’re running a social media marketing campaign, it’s likely that you’ll want to measure the result of all your hard work. If you’re dedicated to pinning, tweeting, posting and liking—which can be rather time consuming—you won’t want to be spending hours looking at the analytics for each individual profile and assessing which areas need [...]

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What is: Content Marketing

March 20th, 2012|Online Marketing|

Content Marketing: it’s the latest buzz word. ‘Content is king’, it’s ‘here to stay’, it’s the next ‘big thing’. In the days of all-things-digital-and-social, consumers can’t get enough of the content—apparently. Also know as branded content, content journalism, brand journalism, digital entertainment, and a whole host of other names used to distinguish one companies efforts [...]

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Google Planning Semantic Search

March 19th, 2012|Online Marketing|

Plans are currently in place to roll out Semantic Search for Google over the next few months. After some adjustments to the Google search algorithm, the search giant will begin to ‘learn’ and be capable of making associations between search terms. So what exactly is Semantic Search? According to Wikipedia, it’s an improvement on accuracy, [...]

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How to: Storify

March 18th, 2012|Social Media Marketing|

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to compile interesting things from across several social media platforms, and then present it in a beautiful and searchable way? Well, you’re in luck, as the lovely folks at Storify have been allowing you to do this since they won the “Startup Accelerator” at South by [...]

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Saturday Weekly News Round Up

March 17th, 2012|In the News|

Breaking News this week—I got another dog! He’s a terrier mutt from the rescue centre; his name is Kiko, and he is awesome. And on to the SMM and SEO news, which is probably what you expected to find here! SXSW was in full swing this week, and the internet was awash with news, product [...]

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The Yahoo Vs. Facebook Hubbub

March 16th, 2012|In the News, Social Media Marketing|

Unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock for this past week, you must have seen something about the Yahoo/ Facebook debacle. Just to bring you up to speed, Yahoo is suing Facebook over alleged patent infringement. The short of it is: Yahoo patented social networking. Yes. You read that correctly, as ridiculous as it [...]

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The Curators Code: Are you giving credit?

March 15th, 2012|In the News, Social Media Marketing|

Following on from the Pinterest dilemma, which shows no signs of being resolved any time soon, we have to ask: does the Internet need a standardised code to ensure credit is given where credit is due? If the code was universally recognised and widely used, then finding the original source of shared content would be [...]

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CV Websites: Showing Off (In a good way)

March 14th, 2012|Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

As the competition for jobs is more fierce than ever, it pays to take those extra steps to stand out in a crowd of applicants. Here's a quick look at creative CV websites and some tips for creating your own. Call me an insufferable snob, but since when have sharp web design and a high [...]

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