Saturday News Round Up

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Here are some new stories you may have missed in the past week: Mashable reports on a prediction by Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Alpha: "Forget Google Instant: In the Future, Search Engines will read your habits." YouTube banished the reply girls, in a move to make the relevant videos actually relevant and prevent misleading [...]

Be Careful What you Tweet

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Social media has got to be the easiest path to broadcasting you message, loud and proud; and with this great power comes great responsibility. Twitter is public and easily searchable, and anything you broadcast of this platform can, and will, be taken entirely out of context providing the circumstances are just right. If you're a [...]

Changes to Facebook Checkin

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If you’re a Facebook page owner, don’t be alarmed if you see your Facebook Checkin numbers plummet in the next couple of days - this isn't a rash spout of people taking back their last visit - it’s simply Facebook making changes to the way they count Checkins. Their intention is to give you a [...]

Optimise your Site for Mobile Search

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Most of us are Smart phone users these days; and if it isn't an all out business ready machine, you'll at least have an - albeit slow - web browser tucked away on your phone. And how many times have you been using said phone to try to find an essential bit of info on [...]

YouTube Changes

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YouTube recently made changes to the algorithm which controls which videos show up in the related video section. This was a direct response to users' outrage that the old algorithm could be so easily manipulated in order for certain individuals to make money on the success of other videos. Known as 'reply girls', these users [...]

Social Media Schedule

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Social media is a time thief, ask any employer and they will probably tell you it's the number one drain on their employees attention span. It's easy to get caught up in a YouTube loop, get pulled in to a Facebook conversation, or to spend hours checking and re-checking Twitter. So if you're using social [...]

Weekly News Round-Up

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Spring is finally here! Don't spend all day staring at your computer screen; get your quick news fix here and then get out and enjoy the sunshine. There's a lot of buzz around Google's plans to alter its algorithms to allow for semantic search; which would return search results based on the intent and meaning [...]

How to Find Content for your Social Media Profiles

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If you’re active on social media you probably have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog and maybe even Google+: all of which are which are desperately vying for your attention every day. Obviously you want to balance contribution evenly with interaction. So the question is; how do you populate all of these, keep them [...]