Career Wednesday @ Bigfoot Digital

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Last week I shared an article that highlighted search engine optimisation as one of the most sought after skills in the tech industry. Admittedly, it’s a very attractive career choice which is both shrouded in mystery and in high demand at the moment. Oh, and did I mention that SEO managers can earn up to [...]

Beyond Social Media: Multi-Platform Marketing

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What? Introducing Hub It! from TribalDDB, Singapore.  The world’s first four dimensional, multi platform, interactive marketing campaign.  Encompassing TV, Internet, mobile and tablet technology, this trans-media alternate reality game lead players across various technology platforms and even into the real world searching for clues. I feel like I've written a lot, but I haven’t really [...]

Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn for B2B

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Do a quick search for social media marketing and chances are you’ll be inundated with articles and sites which include top tips, 10 steps and quick fixes. The problem is that all of this content is generally geared towards the B2C side of commerce. So what about our friends in the B2B industry? Is B2B [...]

News Round Up

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My, my, it’s been a busy week - with a delicious pancake-y interlude. Once again the lovely folk at Bigfoot Digital have been sifting through the internet chaff to bring you some tasty wheat-y morsels of SEO and SMM news. Enjoy! Tech Crunch warns that a SEO-volution is on the horizon: “after 3 years of [...]

Top Tips for Tweeting

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Anyone who follows Stephen Fry on Twitter will know that there is a line between Tweeting with enthusiasm and spamming. Catch him on a good day, and he’ll be firing off three to four tweets a minute. It’s interesting stuff, I can’t argue with that, but sometimes I just want to read about what my [...]

Is the end of cookies nigh?

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With the recent news that Google has managed to slip past Safari’s privacy policy, you may well be wondering if cookies are just a little too intrusive to be trusted. Every day we trust our web browser to manage so much personal data; and it seems the more we share, the less secure things become. [...]

Ways to refresh your blog in 2012

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Blogs are great, aren’t they? There must be something special about them as there were over 156 million blogs active at the end of 2011. They’re perfect for companies, as they can create authentic channels of communication with your target audience. A blog also adds bulk to your website, it’s horrible to admit, but think [...]