12 Tips for seeing Success with your Pinterest Account

Are you getting the most out of Pinterest? If you’re just pinning images without seeing much traffic to your site, additional sales or engagement from your followers and other Pinterest users, you should reevaluate how you use your account.

Consider a Business Account

Pinterest business accounts make it possible for you to verify your account so your followers know that it is the official account for your business. With a business account, you will also be able to link to your website directly from your profile page.

Complete your Profile

Once you have set up an account, make sure your profile is complete so your market can find you easily. Include a descriptive bio and a link to your website. You can even add links to your Twitter page.

Pin from Pages that Need Traffic

Pin strategically so you can drive traffic to the best pages on your site. For example, pin images from your product pages so when people click on them, they will be able to make a purchase with just a few clicks.

Add a Pin it Button and Widget to your Site

Grab the Pin it Button and Pinterest Widget and add them to your site. This makes it easy for people to pin your images, helping you share your content, and find you on Pinterest.

Use Pin Descriptions

Don’t just leave pin descriptions blank. Use them to share product specifications and other important info. Good descriptions will also make it easier for people to find your pins when they search on Pinterest.

Use Rich and Place Pins

Rich pins and place pins let you include more information on a single pin. You can include headlines, story descriptions, prices, maps, addresses, phone numbers and even recipes.

Pin Testimonials

Are you pinning testimonials? This is a great way to tell your market what your customers think and share product reviews. Pin images that link to the full testimonial or create an image with text and pin that.

Leverage your Boards

Create specific boards to categorise your pins and so that people can follow certain topics you pin about. Be sure to take advantage of board descriptions too!

Create Group Boards

You can invite people to collaborate on group boards so your customers and members of your target market can add content to them. This sparks engagement and helps you foster a relationship with your market. It is also a good way to listen to your market and find out what kind of content people are interested in.

Don’t Hesitate to Pin others’ Content

As with other social media sites, you shouldn’t be too self promotional on Pinterest. Of course, you should share your content, but don’t hesitate to share content from others that will interest your market and to form relationships.

Transform your Account into a Resource

Make your Pinterest account the ultimate resource for your market. Fill it with pins that provide valuable information to your market, whether that is do-it-yourself project ideas or articles about technology.

Use Promoted Pins

Pinterest is testing promoted pins and you can sign up to get more information about using them for your business. They will allow you to get your content in front of more people so you can reach a wider audience.

Including Pinterest in your social media marketing plan allows you to reach your market in a more visual way. Use these tips to enhance your strategy and account and to make sure it will bring the best results.