12 Creative ways to Use Infographics

Infographics can help you communicate a lot of information very easily. Their visual format, interesting content and short snippets of information can help you do anything from educate to entertain.

This type of content can help you get more exposure on social media, drive traffic to your site and even build links to help boost your search engine rankings. There are virtually dozens of ways you can use infographics, but here’s a list to help you get creative.

Types of Information to Share with Infographics

Relevant Statistics and Results from Studies

Use statistics or results from studies that would interest your market, help you gain more customers or illustrate why what you do is important. This is a great way to educate your market, which can lead to more sales.

Sales Numbers or Information about Customers

Infographics can help you highlight sales numbers and information about your customers. Why would you do this? To illustrate how many people you successfully serve, share testimonials and tell people why they should work with you.

Community or Industry Impact Information

Communicating what kind of impact you have on your community or in your industry can help you build your reputation, form relationships with other businesses and attract customers.

Inspirational or Amazing Information

Of course, infographics that include inspirational or amazing pieces of information are fun and likely to be shared online. Think amazing statistics, little-known information and new findings. Make these more effective by using information that relates to your business or products.

Goals to Achieve with Infographics

Attract new Customers

Depending on the kind of information you use for your infographic, you could use it to attract new customers. Infographics are a simple and condensed piece of content that potential customers are likely to read.

Demonstrate your Results

Infographics that include information about volunteer efforts, event results, product benefits and other similar information make it easy for you to demonstrate what kinds of results you as a business can get. This information attracts more customers and helps you establish your business as an industry leader.

Build a Reputation

As you start to establish yourself as an expert and leader, you will begin to build a reputation. Infographics that include compelling information and statistics or testimonials are an excellent way to tell your market about who you are, what you value and what benefits you can provide.

Build Links and Drive Traffic

Infographics are commonly used to build links and drive traffic. When you publish them on other sites and social media networks, make sure they link back to your own site. If you provide a piece of code people can use to embed the infographic on their own site or blog, make sure it includes a link to your website.

Ways to Distribute Infographics

Social Media

One of the most common ways to share infographics is through social media. The visual and interesting nature of infographics means people will stop scrolling through their newsfeed to look at your post and may be more likely to share it.

Blog Posts

Publishing infographics on your blog can help you attract traffic and encourage others to link to your website. It’s also a good way to establish your website as a good source for information and resources.

Outside Websites

You can use infographics like guest blog posts by asking other bloggers or site owners if they would be willing to post them on their site. Look for sites with an audience that will be interested in your infographic and be likely to include the people you are targeting.

Organic Sharing

Finally, when you post your infographic on your own website, you can include a short piece of code that lets people imbed it on their own site. Be sure to include a link in the code so that people can easily visit your site and you can build links for search engine optimisation.

Infographics are a popular and effective form of Internet marketing. They can be incorporated in social media and content marketing strategies to help you reach your market and achieve all kinds of goals. Use this list to start getting more out of your infographics.