11 Words to Add Trust to Your Blog Posts and 3 New Places to Use Them

Image courtesy of Pierre Metivier/Flickr.


KISSMetrics did some research into what kinds of words enhance trust when they are used in blog posts. The findings are very interesting and can help you get more out of your blogging and even help you find ways to make other parts of your content marketing plan more effective.

The List

As KISSMetrics notes, these words are not a magic solution to building trust. Gaining trust requires excellent services, top-notch customer service, a strong brand, the best products and a solid relationship between you and your market.


But, KISSMetrics’ research found that there are 11 words that, when used in blog posts, can enhance trust with readers:


1 – Trust
2 – Fair Price
3 – Caring
4 – Fair Treatment
5 – Quality
6 – Competency
7 – Apologise/Sorry
8 – Change
9 – Never
10 – Always
11 – Privacy


All of these words, when used in the right kind of content, in the right context and with the right messaging, can help you encourage people to trust your business. When you gain that trust, you can benefit from increased sales, loyal customers, brand advocacy, a better social media presence and even word of mouth and organic marketing.

Blog Posts and Trust are Connected

KISSMetrics cites another study that found that almost 69 percent of survey respondents said that blogs make a website more trustworthy. This could be because blog posts show your market that you are an expert, a reliable resource and up to date in your industry.


The next logical step is to realise that excellent content marketing can also help you build trust with your market, and that these 11 words can be used for much more than boosting blog posts.

More Places to use the List and Build Trust

The research findings from KISSMetrics emphasise that these words have only been proven to be effective in blog posts. However, it would be worth incorporating some of them in the rest of your content marketing and then testing results to see if they bring benefits there too.


These words are powerful, and could easily become part of other content to build it up and help you garner trust.


Website Copy


One of the first places you have to build trust with your market is your website. This is where people come to learn about your business, find out about your products, use your resources and make purchases. Building trust here is absolutely essential.


Email Marketing Content


When your email marketing recipients trust you, they will be much more likely to respond to your calls to action. It’s also important to build trust here so that people won’t immediately delete your emails or mark them as spam. When this happens, your campaigns will lose their effectiveness.


Social Media Posts


Building trust on social media will help you gain and retain your followers and use your accounts to drive traffic to your site where you can encourage people to do something like subscribe to your email list or make a purchase. Try using these words in your posts to build trust and encourage people to follow you and click on the links you share.


Building trust is an important part of making your content marketing successful. This research shows that there are some words that can help you make your blog posts more successful. You can also branch out and experiment with the kind of wording you use for other content to get better results.