10 Ways to Get Results from Infographics

Lots of businesses see great results, including increased traffic, sales, awareness, and search engine rankings, from infographics. Creating visually appealing images that are packed full of interesting information and then shared across the Internet is a digital marketing tactic that can be used in several different ways. If you want to see results from this strategy at your business, try these 10 ways to use infographics.

Include in a Blog Post

You can never have too many ideas for blog posts. An infographic makes for a quick and easy blog post and since it is easy to read and visually appealing, your readers may be more likely to share it.

Share on Social Media

It may go without saying, but don’t forget to share your infographics on social media. People browse social networking sites all day, and pictures and small bits of information stand out on news feeds. This can also help you drive traffic to your site and gain more social media followers.

Get Viral Results

When you post your infographic to your blog or social media account, the idea is that your followers will share it with their friends, who will also share it, and so forth until it goes viral. You can’t make something go viral, but if your infographic is interesting and well put together, you may just create an online buzz about your brand.

Start a Conversation about Your Business

If the infographic contains information about your business, your customers or your products, you have the chance to start a conversation about your brand. This can lead to a bigger online audience and increased awareness among your target markets.

Get Links Back to Your Website

One of the most common uses for infographics is to gain links and therefore boost search rankings. Whenever someone shares your infographic, with a link back to your website, you are helping to raise your rankings which will benefit your business in numerous ways.

Educate Your Market

Infographics are a great way to educate your markets about almost anything. You can tell them about what your business does, why they need your product, how effective your services are, or anything else you want. You can strategically use this tactic to help you reach other marketing goals, like increased sales.

Unveil a New Product

When you launch a new product an infographic can be a fun and effective way to get the facts out to your customers, potential customers and even the media. Infographics are ideal for showing off stats and features, so this could work well for your next product.

Make News about Your Business

With the right information, your infographic could help you get some coverage on news sites or industry blogs. To make this work, the infographic needs to be about something newsworthy like an event, a new product, new research or a new business. Media coverage can help you reach your market and build search engine optimisation links.

Solve a Problem

Use an infographic to illustrate and then solve a problem, with your business or product highlighted as the solution. First, lay out a problem your market has, and then show potential customers how you can help. This is a great strategy for promoting products and services.

Tell Your Brand Story

People may not have the time or patience to read through a long brand history on your website, but they may be more like to look through an infographic that tells your brand’s story. Informing your market about your background, what you do, and what your goals are can help you strengthen your brand and grow your business.

It’s no secret that infographics can be a very successful marketing tool. You can get better results and even more benefits by using one of these strategies with your next infographic.