10 Reasons You Should Survey or Poll Your Site Visitors

Image courtesy of Visionello/Flickr.

If you use your website as a marketing tool, there are a lot of things you can learn from your visitors. The people who visit your website may be current customers, potential customers, brand advocates, influential people in your community or even competitors. By conducting surveys or polls, you can find ways to make your digital marketing more effective, connect with your market and grow your business.

Here are 10 excellent reasons you should survey or poll your site visitors frequently.

Understand who They Are

How can you effectively promote your business or products if you don’t know who your audience is? Conducting surveys will tell you who your readers are, as far as age, employment, geographical location, and other basic characteristics go.

Find out What Influences Them

When you know what influences your site visitors, you can incorporate those elements into your site so it is more effective. For example, if your visitors are interested in finding out more about new web apps, you can find ways to fill this need, influencing them to respond to your calls to action.

Be able to Create more Compelling Content

Simply producing, publishing and sharing content isn’t enough. You need to use content that is compelling, that interests your market and that generates a response. Through simple polls you can find out what kinds of content your readers appreciate so you can create more of it.

Learn what Motivates them to Buy

If you ask the right questions in your surveys, you could actually find out what motivates your readers to make a purchase. Of course, this type of information is extremely valuable to your business and can help you be more successful.

Discover What Messaging Resonates with Them

Surveys can help you test different marketing messages to find out which ones resonate with your readers. This strategy is similar to using surveys to find out what kind of content your readers respond to, but will help you find out more general information that you can carry across all your marketing tactics.

Decide How to Use Social Media

Quick polls and surveys can help you find out what social media networks your readers use and which ones they prefer so you can decide which ones you should use. More involved questions can give you an idea of why people follow you on social media and what kind of posts they like.

Test Ideas

Are you wondering if a new kind of content, a product or an event would be interesting to your market? Ask your readers! With polls you can ask readers if they would listen to a podcast or if they are interested in attending a specific kind of event. In fact, you can test all kinds of ideas through reader polls.

Identify Your Shortcomings

As you find out more about your market, learn what kind of content your readers like and how they use social media, you will be able to identify shortcomings in your marketing. You will also find ways you can overcome these shortcomings to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

Find Ways to Market More Effectively

Information like who your readers are, what motivates them, what kind of social media networks they use and what kind of content they respond to can help you find ways to further develop your digital marketing plans, even beyond your website.

Foster a Stronger Relationship

All of the information you gather through surveys and polls on your website can help you foster a stronger relationship with your market. Building a stronger relationship with your customers and potential customers can hep you enhance your brand and make your business more successful.

Start gathering valuable information that can assist you as you develop your digital marketing campaigns by using surveys and polls on your website. Your digital marketing plans, and entire business, will benefit from this strategy.