Search Engine Marketing

The vast majority of online shoppers and researchers will use search engines as their first port of call. The search market is massive and growing at a staggering rate year on year.


Internet search has become the norm for pretty much everyone looking for specific products and services and savvy companies are investing more and more into promoting their brands through the search engines, striving for increased online presence as a means of delivering the best and most measurable return on their marketing spend.

Search Engine Marketing is now recognised as an essential element of the modern day marketing mix.

Understanding your target audience and their internet search behaviour is the key to optimising your search engine marketing and maximising your return on investment.

If your business isn’t actively employing search engine marketing and your website isn’t at least on the first page of Google for relevant search terms, be it via Pay Per Click or in the ‘Organic’ listings, then quite simply you are missing out.

Some companies, particularly those operating in very competitive markets, may, quite understandably, believe achieving a top google ranking to be just a dream. Well at Bigfoot Digital we like to make dreams come true!

There is so much that can be done to promote your website on the search engines. Your potential is huge and we can do it all for you or, if you prefer, we can just help you with some of it.